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Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1, 2012


Yesterday I was chatting with some great friends, including Bridget Pilloud who just sold out of these awesome intuitive cupcakes. As we were chatting I found myself doodling and imagining these awesome treats from Bridget. And then, this morning, there was one for me in my inbox. Magic!


I got some prep tools for doing a big clean.  I'm not a fan of cleaning, and I certainly don't feel like I'm a very good or knowledgeable cleaner, but recently I've realized that's too bad and I have to figure it out.  Unless I expect someone else to do it (which I don't want anyway), than it's up to me to figure out how to stuff clean and create habits that keep that up.  Wish me luck!

Under Our Willow Tree


Yesterday was all about Cooking School for Delinquents Lesson #5 on éclairs. It took hours to make and shoot! I think there is going to be more swearing than usual in this one, thanks to éclairs falling on the floor, not having the right tip on my piping bag... Should make for fine viewing, LOL. I forgot to mention at stART that I did create a Facebook page for the group and yesterday added photos of the process as I was making them. I think that worked great.

I was so tired after this I fell asleep for hours! But I learned so much, including that I should never eat more than one éclair. Tummy ache! But so worth it.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I love that project, Shannon! It's taken me a while to turn my attitude around on cleaning but I have come to find some satisfaction in it - especially in having things clean! Good luck!

Suzie, LOL, I love that you have a tripod in your sink. That's awesome. Your kitchen looks fabulous! I wish I could try those eclairs :)

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, and I liked the Facebook page!

Suzie Ridler said...

Shannon, let me know if you want some cleaning advice (newsprint is the best for cleaning mirrors). It sucks I know but it can be satisfying to get done. I

Jamie, I am not sure I understand the cupcake premise, are they drawings for specific people? Or does she really make cupcakes?

Thanks Jamie! The location if my stove has always been awkward until I realized I can just my up tripod around in the sink and go from chopping to my stove quite easily. I am glad you like show my kitchen looks too. I do love spending time there and OMG, those éclairs rock but are so dangerous!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Bridget's intuitive cupcakes are concise intuitive readings on a particular question that you ask her.

She describes it like this:

1. The Liner- Where I describe your issue in detail.
2. The Cake- Where I look at your energy and the energy of the situation and provide answers to your question.
3. The Frosting- Where I give you advice about what to do to support your energy and move forward with the issue in question.

I can't wait to hear what she's going to say about this big transformation JRS is going through!

Shannon said...

Cupcakes from your mind to paper to in your inbox! That's totally awesome Jamie :)

What a set up Suzie, it looks so awesome and how great is it that you found a way to make it work! I can't wait to hear/see more about the eclairs, and I don't think I could stop at just one lol!

Thanks for the support about the cleaning :) And thanks Suzie for the offer of advice, I've heard about this newsprint thing although I usually hear old newspapers? I don't quite understand that as they have the ink on them? I'm usually okay with paper towel & windex-y stuff for mirrors and windows though,

I'm treading into more overall & how often to do stuff cleaning. I on an odd whim got a book out of the library from the ladies who do the "How clean is your house?" show in the UK and it's been great because it's very from the basics as well as some schedule stuff which I love. And I almost cried when I saw my store and a smaller bottle of bleach so I didn't have to lug home that crazy huge size. I'm so happy!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I totally couldn't stop at one eclair either!

And wow, smaller bleach bottle! Yes! That makes it so much better!

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, that is totally wild Jamie! What an interesting idea and you explained it so well. I love your cupcake! Especially all those stars... Endless potential!

Thanks Shannon! And I brought them over to the D&D group to make sure most of them were not eaten by me.

Sorry, yes, newspapers, that's what I meant. I know, seems crazy but it is the best streak-free way to clean mirrors and windows. The ink doesn't come off at all. It's crazy!

I know that show! That is great that they have a straight-forward book on the basics, perfect and a smaller bottle of bleach just for me. It's true, usually you have to buy them by the gallon, so yeah Shannon!