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Friday, November 30, 2012

November 30, 2012


It's been a lot of early mornings for me this week. I'm trying to glide through all of the "to dos" that are here as we come to the year end and the year start, not to mention all the changes and growth that are happening in my business. It's a very intense time. So I'm staying with my practices of morning pages, meditation and moving, and breathing my way through the mountains of work. I'm trying to be with it exactly as it is, not bringing any additional stress or worry to the mix. Like Suzie said in stART, "It's not crazy. It's just big." 


I had another jaunt out to the library yesterday and I'm so digging going, I even took pictures along the way. It was a little nippy out, and I should have worn a hat or at least something with a hood. I think ALL winter gear should have hoods! They often keep me warmer than hats.



We have not had a real snowfall here yet so I bundled up and got some groceries for the next week. What a difference sidewalks would be in my life. I went into Joe's looking for winter walking pants and they didn't have them. The ones I wear I got in Vancouver! The elastic bands are going and I have to keep pulling up my pants as I walk and shop.

I didn't think I hung onto "stuff" but it is clear to me now that I really do not spend money on stuff I want and like if I have old stuff, even if it is falling apart. So I put the pants in my donations pile and until I find a good new pair I will wear long johns and my light Mec hiking pants. I think one of the reasons I hate going out in the winter is how crappy it makes me look. I can change that!


Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, that's a stunning image Jamie and yay! So glad I can help in some way and it is true, big isn't crazy. It's just big.

Shannon, I am so thrilled for you that you have this library to go to. It makes such a huge difference!!! As I commented already, loved your library loot video. ;)

Shannon said...

"It's not crazy, it's just big"! I love this wisdom and it's totally been sitting with me the past few days. I'm so impressed you are keeping up your practices Jamie and wow, so super early that tyou see the sunrise - at least it's super pretty :)

Suzie I so get ya on the on pants thing, I can be like that too - I didn't realize how much stuff I didn't replace because I had something that worked but usually it needs a replacement before it's done! Considering the winter whether there, maybe there is somewhere winter pants would be a normal item to have. I noticed Mark's Work Warehouse is getting a little marketing-towards-women recently, and I totally associate them with durability and quality although I've never shopped there (which I'm a little surprized at).

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh good! I am so glad my spontaneous comment and observation is resonating.

Exactly Shannon! It becomes a blind spot because technically we have something we could wear. Marks is also getting more and more expensive. I really wish Old Navy had really warm clothes but you can tell they are American that way. I could get some at Cleve's but they're $80 because they are Nike. One day!