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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 18, 2012


Yesterday, on a very balmy December afternoon, Justin and I headed out to get a Christmas tree. It took us quite a while to pick just the right one but we just love it. It's tall and skinny and almost touches our ceiling! And we were thrilled that the Christmas Tree guy even delivered. What a treat!


I had a rather long day yesterday, but with it I was happy to have the play Belle Moral ~ a natural history by Ann-Marie MacDonald keep me busy and read the ENTIRE thing while I was out and about.  I actually picked it up specifically for the reason that I thought it was the perfect size to carry with me and read, and turns out it was! And as a bonus, at the beginning it's explained that a previous incarnation of the play ran at The Factory Theatre back in 1990 with Martha Burns, Henry Czerny and David Fox!  Wow!

Thrift Store


What a treat! Yesterday I was all layered up and it was not very windy and just above freezing and I decided to walk all the way out to my thrift store. I really needed a cheap aluminum pot for making candles in so I picked up that cute little yellow enamel one on the bottom right. Altogether I spent $5 and got some new plates for my foodie photos, for 99 cents each. Pretty good day.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

A day of treasures!

Wow, that play must have been amazing with those powerhouses at the helm! Of course, too, because she's a wonderful writer. Sounds like just the right read at just the right time!

And yay for finding a candle pot, Suzie! Can't wait to see what you create.

Looking at your picture, I was really thinking about how we create the makeup of our lives, that everyone could look at those few shelves and come home with different loves, and how our homes are full of things we've chosen and received from many different shelves over many different times.

I'm fascinated.

Suzie Ridler said...

Yay for getting your Christmas tree Jamie and that you didn't have to carry it home! What a treat indeed.

Shannon, I have no idea what that book is about but is that the Fall On Your Knees Canadian writer?

So true Jamie and the pot I bought was all dirty and looked horrid and I cleaned it all up and now it looks so happy! It's like magic when you can see the gem in the rough and see its potential.

Shannon said...

Christmas Tree! Now that really feels like holiday time, even if the weather is still so warm (and I'm not complaining!). I can't wait to see it in person, the tall skinny tree!

I love looking at shelves of stuff like that and I think we'd all often pick something completely different to take home! I'm glad you found a pot to do your candle melting in Suzie!

And yep, that is the writer of Fall on Your Knees. I so would have loved to see this play done with that cast. What a treat that would have been!