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Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012


This is the picture on my calendar for December. I think it looks like some encouragement for The Wild Swans! I'll look forward to having some time to sit down and work on it. It seems like I've stepped right into the busy holiday season already!


I was going to put a pic up of my before and after cleaning of the kitchen, but somehow I lost the before picture.  Therefore, I decided to share my post-cleaning celebratory viewing of the finale ep of The Deadliest Catch Season 3, and their first behind-the-scenes they've had in the DVD sets (woohoo!). 

Under Our Willow Tree


Yesterday was the first time in I don't know how long I hung out at a coffee shop and got to do some serious thinking, reading and writing. I had a big "Oh crap!" moment that was better to have earlier than later. Then I continued on with reading text by an anti-food-snob who drives me crazy. Good times.


Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, that is kind of spook-i-ly wild! The universe is clearly saying "Yes!" to your idea.

Shannon, what a bummer you lost the pic but nice choice on celebration for a clean kitchen.

When we get "the word" I am going to start watching that show!

Shannon said...

Sounds like looks of musing, planning and thinking going on ! I love that your calendar had a swan Jamie!

I didn't get a wall calender this year and well,... I kind of miss that. I think it was intentional as I don't see a natural spot for it but I do see 1 creative solution place, hehe.

I love that you went out for coffee and did lists and idea-ing Suzie! I'm sure that's no super surprized to hear from me, hehe.

Suzie Ridler said...

I didn't have one either Shannon but without you to change the months, LOL, they usually sit on the wall totally out of date. I do like having one though and those swans are gorgeous.

Shannon, you inspired me! I was going to spend more time walking about but I kept thinking of your Starbucks photos and had to take a break and I am so glad I did.

Shannon said...

Lol I didn't realize I was the unofficial calendar turner! Mom says that I usually did hers too. Too funny :)

I inspired you? Awww! Thanks Suzie! It makes such a difference to get OUT and write/plan or even just stare & chair. I really feel a difference when I do it regularly. I'm glad it helped!

Suzie Ridler said...

Absolutely! And that's too funny about Mom. Of course you inspired me! I kept thinking about how you have been going out doing Morning Pages and so when I had the opportunity I said, I am so doing that too! I can see how that would make a difference for sure.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Thanks for the encouragement about the Wild Swans. Isn't it amazing!? I'm really excited about doing some work on that. I'll have to keep that picture as inspiration!

That's wild you guys don't really use calendars. Of course, I feel like Shannon can keep a calendar in her head, hehe. I look at mine every day. When I work I find myself glancing over and making sense of my plans. It reminds me to consider spacing things out, LOL.

Shannon, yay, you on getting so much work done. I'm glad you had something you really enjoy to sit down to when you were done!

I love coffee shop writing and list-making! I'm glad you had a chance to do that, Suzie.

Shannon said...

I *do* keep a calendar in my head! That's what happens after years of selling ticketed events that turned into years of following film & DVD release days. I ..ah.. also keep one right in front of my computer. Just for confirmation purposes!!! ;)