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Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20, 2012


Our poor little Jinx. She has an infection and she's been so itchy that she's been overly hard on herself. We've got her some meds and some ointment and to protect her from herself, she has to wear this cone. She is so disoriented and really doesn't like it. Since she's had it on, she's mostly sat under the tree. Poor boo. I hope she feels better soon.


I was definitely in distraction-needing-mode for some of yesterday and in so I watched the awesome dance competition show Born to Dance. Who knew BET on Demand would have something so awesome to enjoy? Oddly they don't have all the eps, but it's way more than enough for me to plow through easily.


We got our first real snowfall yesterday and Reg came home and put up our winter solstice lights. It helped get my mind off stuff and did make me feel a bit better that the light will be coming back soon.


Shannon said...

Late add for me and wow, and I totally have the same colour story going on in our photos! I'm glad to her the winter solstice is upon us. I'm planning on doing my cleaning today and if I eye any Christmas boxes I may be inclined to pull out the holiday lights myself :)

Here is to the light coming back!

Suzie Ridler said...

Is it a competition show Shannon? I have never heard of it before and yes, it is the same colour story, how awesome is that?!

I should really do more cleaning for the solstice (such a good idea) but I think getting food for the holidays is going to win out tomorrow. Maybe I will have energy for both, that would be nice.

Yes, I hope you put lights up Shannon! We really do need to celebrate the light coming back. Life has been too dark!

Shannon said...

Yep its a dance competition show, it's very hip-hop centric but they do lots of styles. It's also quite emotional, but it's really speaking to me right now.

I think food can win over cleaning during the holidays, and if I know you will probably work in both, or do them as you go :)


Shannon said...

And ... have to say that I just went out and you can tell it's the solstice because it's so much more winter-y today! Chilly and blustery, but very alive. It's wild.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Suzie, the window looks beautiful!! Wow. I could just sit here and stare at it for a while. *Sigh*

Happy Winter Solstice!

And speaking of sitting there watching... I DEVOURED Born to Dance. I watched the whole season in two sittings. I'm so glad you found it the other day, Shannon. What a treat! Just the right show at just the right time!

Shannon said...

Poor lil Jinx in the cat collar! At least she is in the holiday spirit and hanging out by the tree!