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Friday, December 28, 2012

December 28, 2012


It was a snow day here yesterday! First thing in the morning I could see the inches of snow piled up on the fence. Not long after I had to laugh when I could literally see the hopping pattern of the squirrel that must have used it for his route! It was nice to have a giggle because I'm so disappointed to be sick right now. These two days were the days I set aside for my personal holiday, two quiet days of reflection and dreaming. Now I'm mostly sleeping! Maybe I'm clearing for the wonderful dreams coming in 2013!


Snowy day here in the T-dot for sure but I still trekked out (mid-day, after folks had shovelled & salted - THANK YOU to all of those that did), because it was another Library Loot day and i got some great goodies to enjoy. I have to find some reading time though, because all theses books need to get read!


The snowstorm hit us yesterday. I woke up to hear about it, put on my boots and take off right away to get some supplies. It turned to rain last night. I just hope it's warm enough to avoid turning into ice. Otherwise, I'm not going anywhere.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, good for you for getting out and getting supplies, Suzie. I'm glad you're well-stocked. Hope you guys are cozy, safe and sound.

Suzie Ridler said...

Snow there too! I heard it came in a big way but it doesn't keep the squirrels from being busy does it? I am happy to hear you are getting rest and even having a couple of giggles Jamie.

The mad dash to the store before storm always freaks me out because of our accident but we are home safe and sound and it's even a little warm today!

Shannon said...

Wow, snow days all around!

I love the hopping pattern of the squirrel Jamie, that's awesome! I actually didn't get much snow on my deck-ledge so I didn't quite realize how much was out there til I look out and down to the ground and wow, it was definitely an impressive snowfall here.

Looks like a winter wonderland near you Suzie! So pretty and I'm glad you are stocked up. I'm in soup land with lots of nummy yummy leftovers but I think it's time the sweets went into the freezer!

and PS - late add pic from me :)

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, I'm so impressed you got out for library loot, Shannon. Yay to everyone that shoveled and salted!

I can understand the anxiety, Suzie. I'm so glad you managed to get what you needed and get home safe and sound.

Here's to cozy days.

Suzie Ridler said...

I am so glad there are people cleaning up the roads and sidewalks for you to get to the library Shannon and I was wondering about that, how the reading was going. Love your library loot! It's so awesome. You look like you got a ton of snow.

Looks like we're all having cozy days big time! And thanks Jamie. I guess that fear is in me for good but I did actually go out and get supplies where years before, I wouldn't have left the house. So that's some progress!

Shannon said...

I wish I got to more of the books than I do, but it's still great to get out to the library so much and have access to so much awesome. I continue to be impressed with the film selection as well.