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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19, 2012


We pulled out all the ornaments and our Santa hats and had a lovely time putting up the tree. I don't want to do a big tree reveal until Shannon's had a chance to come over. No Christmas spoilers, hehe.


Got out for coffee yesterday which was really nice, and even better I had enough on my Starbucks card for not only my coffee but a treat as well. I didn't get to all the writing and organizing I wanted to, but it was still really nice to get out.


I used my little enamel pot yesterday and a small coffee container to melt wax and make my first candles yesterday! It went great until Reg mentioned you shouldn't use paraffin for candles anymore but who cares? I am happy with them! And I am just happy I finally did something!


Suzie Ridler said...

That's awesome Shannon that all those morning pages at Starbucks are paying off, in more way than one!

Shannon said...

Wow, why not parafin for candles anymore? I've never heard that! I love your picture Suzie although I totally saw the pot and thought it was some kind of food, lol! I was thinking really light garlic, but alas... was!

And yes it was very good to get out for coffee this week especially but I really feel it when I don't go as I can't quite get myself caught up and that leaves me feeling a bit hanging. Maybe I'll do some more on the weekend.

Suzie Ridler said...

Reg said that it's made from petroleum and could off gas but all the candles you see in the stores are made with paraffin so the ones we use all the time are the same. I don't want to throw it out and wanted to do something with it and I am glad I did. Oh that's too funny, yes, melting garlic!

Getting caught up hanging out at Starbucks sounds like a big priority and I'm glad you were able to do it Shannon and hope there is more to come soon!

Shannon said...

well having candle burn off gas would totally be sucky. I wonder why it's so commonly used!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Sorry I'm way behind. Every moment seems full this holiday season!

What an awesome treat to have money on that Starbucks card! And yay to getting out and writing. You're inspiring me to get out and do that too!

Yay to making candles, Suzie. That's awesome. What a cool creative project. I'm sure they'll give a lovely glow.

Shannon said...

I can't *wait* to see the tree!!! I know it's gonna be awesome. You two look like you are having a lot of fun holiday-ing and getting in the Christmas spirit :)