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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 21, 2012


It was a coffee shop kind of day yesterday! Art picnic in the morning and Creativity Coffee in the afternoon. I think homes, theatres, art galleries, spas and coffee shops are my favourite places to be!


I really meant to take a picture of cat food, because that was my errand of the day but sometimes I get freaked out taking pictures in stores so that must have made me forget!  Lucky for me pre-buying-cat-food I snagged a pic of journalling at the coffee shop.  I tried to get an image of the holiday coffee cup sans-slip-sleeve but that sucker was NOT coming off.  I guess yesterday was a day to roll with it, no matter what happened!



Yesterday was all about food! I made a beet soup from the True Blood Cookbook but haven't eaten it yet. It was a little thin so I am going to reduce it a bit first and then take photos of it. Lorraine's old Oster blender totally rocks, I love making soups and purees in it.

Beet soup has always scared me but it makes Russell Edgington reminisce so I had to make it! And yes, I will even eat it. :)


Shannon said...

Woohoo to coffee shops and beet soup!

I totally don't recognize that place Jamie, except through pictures! It will be hilarious if I stumble into it one day and be like... this is so familiar.....

Way to go for diving into the True Blood recipes Suzie! I'm sure Russell would be proud :)

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

LOL, that would be so funny, Shannon! Like a new kind of deja-vu!

I have to admit when yous aid you were going to take a picture of cat food I was relieved you took a coffee shop picture instead - then I realized you meant the can, LOL! I'm glad you had some coffee shop time too.

And whoa, True blood beet soup. That's crazy! I hope you like it, Suzie.

That's so cool you have Lorraine's old blender. I'm more and more attached to older stuff because *it works*!

Shannon said...

LOL yes cat food in the store. No one ever wants or needs to see actual wet food - YUCK!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, those are so your settings! :) I hope the Creativity Coffee went well. I'm still fighting my cold. I tried to do something creative but I zoned out and read snuggled up in blankets instead.

I actually think taking pictures of cat food would have been funny although wet food is not super appetizing.

Still haven't had the soup. I might have enough light to photograph it. So dark here so early!!!