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Saturday, November 3, 2012

November 3, 2012


Yesterday I was telling Shannon how powerful I thought Lisa Michaels' Samhain Ritual was. We tuned into messages from Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit for the next 12 weeks, until Imbolc. One thing that Lisa did was use her Creation Cards, pulling one from each element and then creating a sentence as an intention and affirmation. I decided to do this too and the message was incredibly on target for what I've been thinking lately. Here's my guiding sentence: In order to fulfill my stewardship role, I must respect the pace of creation, focus on my own vibration and let go of the reins in a spirit of co-creation. And that's my intention for the next 12 weeks.


I did some playing around with an idea Jamie shared about looking at your astrological chart as an advisory council, which made me want to draw out each of the planets and their signs. I don't know them all by site (especially the planets), but I know there is a lot of Leo!

Hal-Con 2012 Charity Auction Emceed by Live 105


Yesterday was all about doing the Hal-Con Charity Auction post. I had a lot of little videos to put together so it took some time and I wanted to share the stuff we won so I had to do a mini photo shoot. Here are the steampunk spats I won! OMG, I love them. I'm also looking up crochet patterns so I can make my own. As someone who typically wears kind of boring shoes, I love the idea of spiffing them up with spats.


Shannon said...

Those spats are awesome Suzie!! What an amazing way to spice up your boots. I think looking for patterns to make your own is a great idea.

I also added a late edition to the post :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh interesting Shannon! I love how you did that. Might help me interpret that chart which looks fascinating, can't wait to find time to really look at it.

I found a couple of patterns already for the spats and they look quite simple. More simple than the brain slug and Jane hat so I might start there. So cool!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, I made my addition late in the game but it's here! And it looks like Shannon and i were kind of on the same wavelength.

I love looking at your council. I'm finding myself so curious about it all. Is that your Mars in Scorpio? What did you notice when you were pulling this together? Love that you're doing it visually!

Suzie, those are spat-tacular!! What an incredibly cool idea. I'm so glad you got them! And wow, a crochet pattern for them is simple? Very cool! Hey, can you read patterns? I can't at all. That's definitely on my list of skills to learn. I'll add that to the stART list!

Shannon said...

I'm thrilled to hear the spats patterns are pretty simple, Suzie!

What stumps me on the Jayne hat is that it needs 3 colours and often is on big needles. I'm more of a 1-colour, small needle girl. lol. But if I got the yarn I would definitely make it.

Wow, Jamie your images and intention is so powerful! There is so much richness and clarity in the images. Wow.

Talking about it totally inspired me to explore the idea. The Mars is in Virgo (I have a hard time seperating out the M-ish ones). I mostly was intent on making the colours work as I don't know all the specificies of the planets and signs so I kinda just went for it. I think I'm letting the monkey work on it. Although I did notice those Leos REALLY take up a lot a space at the table!

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, sounds like you are getting so much out of that astrology project and adding the cards is fascinating!

Once you figure out and do a few projects that require a magic ring, the patterns are usually quite similar. You increase by two, then you usually increase by one... to get a round item like the brain slug.

Some patterns are easy to read but I find the ones in books almost impossible. The ones online seem to be more reader-friendly. I'm working on the brain slug but think the spats might be easier so when I get to them I will let you know if case you want to try the pattern.

Shannon, I forgot the third colour of the hat but I picked up two yesterday for Jayne's hat, I hope one thing of yarn per colour is enough.

I think I'm too sick to follow the astrology stuff right now. Not thinking super clearly. I was amazed I could crochet last night at all.

Shannon said...

Wow, I can tell I've not crocheted by a pattern because I did not understand anything you just said! Magic Ring? Sounds pretty cool!

I would imagine that 1 thing per colour should be fine for the Jayne hat. I don't think I've needed more than 1 thing for any hat, and when you have more colours, you use less of each total. That's how it has been for me!

Suzie Ridler said...

I think you're right Shannon and that I am going to have to figure out a way to get back to Michaels before I work on the hat. His hat from the show is actually only 2 colours, I checked. And it's the 2 colours I picked up, I just need more.

Shannon said...

I'm actually surprized you'll need more - unless the yarn is very thick, that goes through fast. I thought you would have more than enough ... oh well, more Michael's trips are a ...good thing? :)

Suzie Ridler said...

OMG, where's my brain, ugh, sorry Shannon. I totally read your comment wrong. So... Yes to that I will have enough! I'm shocked how much yarn my brain slug is taking up, maybe that's what happened? Oi, off to lie down again...