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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 7, 2012


Being in the studio, I'm so aware of the change in light and season. Often just before dusk, there's this weird contrast of darkness in the distance but bright light shining on the houses below. It always catches my attention. I wish my camera would capture it more readily! It occurred to me that with the studio I have something I asked for when we moved to Montreal. Yes, I was in grade 2 when I asked Mom if I could please have "an eastern exposure." LOL! I've always loved houses.


I was really working through the tarot this summer, but the totally stopped.  Then I drew another card on the weekend and I was like, um... no (had such a drastically different interpretation/sense of the card than it's actual definition, so then I decide instead of just not working with the cards, maybe I just need to switch decks for a bit.  So I sawpped out from The Sacred Rose to the Arcus Arcanium deck, one I almost only use to read for other people and I was like OHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  It worked so much better.  YAY.  Hopefully that's will keep me keep in touch with the cards, just with a different deck.  For now.


Didn't do much yesterday except finish off the Hal-Con coverage. I added all my favourite costumes and moments to one video so it took quite a while to put together but it isn't too long. Sadly I am still pretty sick but at least my head doesn't hurt as much. As sad as I am for the Hal-Con posts to be done (and I really am) I am looking forward to getting back to other projects and especially my kitchen!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

How cool, Shannon. I love working with the tarot. What a great intuitive way to shift from stuckness into momentum again! Brilliant.

Suzie Ridler said...

My turn to be late today!

Jamie, you asked Mom for an eastern exposure when we moved to Montreal? What a fancy-pants adult kid you were, no surprise there but still impressive. Did we end up with an eastern exposure there? I love that you have one now and yes, the light is particularly noticeable at this time of year.

Shannon, how intriguing you needed to change decks! I am so glad you can stay connected with them this way.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

You know, I have no idea if our room in Montreal had an eastern exposure, hehe.

I can't wait to get over there and watch your video, Suzie! It will have to wait until I get home. I'm co-working with Tanya and don't want to distract her from writing!

I LOVE that picture though. Reg really rocked it out as Khan. That is for sure!

Shannon said...

An Eastern Exposure! That's awesome, and wow that's amazing that you asked for that so young. I bet there is a story there! I can see the resonance of the colours between the tops of the trees and the grey sky, I can imagine it would be more striking to actually look at it live!

I loved the video Suzie, it was such a nice way to see and overview of the experience and how much fun you guys had, and how much there was to absorb! I'm sure lots of rest is in store coming up and I hear ya on the coverage, it's so much work but also feels so satisfying when it's all done :)

I'm continuing to work with the tarot, and it's talking to me pretty loudly, the message from yesterday showed up again in a dream. Might be a project in there (I know, I many projects!).

Suzie Ridler said...

No pressure Jamie! Oh I know, Reg did such an amazing job as Khan. I'm so happy for him!

Thank you Shannon! I am so glad how much fun we had came through in the video. It was a ton of work but totally worth it for sure.

Another project Shannon?! I sense this might come up at our next stART meeting, LOL. Can't wait to hear more, especially after chatting about the cards today.