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Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012


Well, since I took Halloween off, I ended up working for much of this weekend. Luckily I enjoy what I do! Yesterday I spent the day on my newsletter, sharing my new Magpie-Girl inspired project management system. It is really working for me! With just a quick look I can see what I'm up to. It keeps me inspired and on track. I'm also feeling good about the direction the newsletter is starting to go. There are more and more chagnes ahead!


I forgot to put this up last week! All through October on Sundays I enjoyed (and devoured) the original Primeval series (S1-5) on Space. Who knew a show about dinosaurs could be so much fun? I loved the characters and the stories, and even a few of the dinosaurs. I'm all caught up now and very much enjoying the Canadian version/extension series of Primeval: New World which is not only shot in Vancouver, but also set there as well. Awesome.

Suzie Ridler at Michaels


We just barely made it to Michaels before the doors closed yesterday. I got my 1" hole punch so I can make bottle cap pendants (I ordered the bottle caps and puncher online). I also got yarn to start working on my Futurama brain slug. I wasn't going to pick up yarn for Jayne's Firefly hat but I knew two of the colours and they were on sale. I also got a big thing of black yarn so I can get back to my Craftsy crochet workshop and make black flowers.

It is good timing too because I am sick and and it is cold and now I am officially stuck at home.


Suzie Ridler said...

We absolute have to watch Primeval tonight to see the dinosaurs and especially Vancouver! So glad you like it Shannon!

Shannon said...

I so hope you enjoy Primeval Suzie! The new one is so much fun and it's a great show.

I'm so excited to see you at Michael's with all your crafty supplies! I love that you are diving in and can't wait to see the Brain Slug and Jayne Hat!!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oops, I was late again but I have arrived!

I'm so glad you enjoyed that show so much, Shannon. Sounds like the perfect Sunday watch!

Shannon and I were just talking about Michaels, Suzie! We now have one that is possible to get to and so that is officially on the list. We should totally do a stART update from there!

Looks like you've got some great stuff and great projects to work on. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

Shannon said...

So funny, I was like - hey that images is familiar! I remember it from your newsletter this morning :) What a lovely way to have your projects displayed as well as not to let them get to crazy! Totally awesome :)

Suzie Ridler said...

That looks like a great visual way to see what you're working on and stay inspired Jamie, I love it!

Oh good, that is awesome Michaels has opened one that you can get to now. Don't forget to always print out the coupon off their web site (which I totally forgot yesterday) so you always get a deal on the most expensive item you pick up.

Part 1 of the brain slug is done and my head feels like it's munching on it right now. Ouch!