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Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012


LOL, it looks like two of us went to the same movie this weekend ;) I am so glad that Shannon, Justin and I got out to see Skyfall. I really enjoyed it. And I continue to say that reserved seating is the greatest development in movie-going since stadium seating!


SKYFALL time with Jamie and Justin!!!  Soooooooooo awesome to finally see it and cap off The Bondathon!  And it was great!  I'm so glad I ended up doing the Bondathon for this film over Quantum of Solace (which is one of my *least* favourite).  I'm still dotting some i's and crossing some t's with a few vlogs left with the thon, but it's been a wild, long ride!



Got to Value Village on the weekend and there wasn't any good yarn. I have a feeling that they must have had a sale recently. I also found out after shopping there for two hours and getting all sorts of cool stuff that if something doesn't have a price on it, you can't buy it. It has to go to the back, be priced and then put out again the next day. I was so pissed! That meant more than half of what I picked up I couldn't buy. And, with the high prices of clothing (most sweaters were $12), I am more of an online Old Navy shopper now than ever. BTW, I am keeping the ON peacoat. They don't have it in tall and it's the only one I have ever found that comes close to fitting.


Suzie Ridler said...

That is so cool you can get reserved seating! And that you got out to see it. The latter half was my favourite part of the movie, amazing. Shannon, how did you get a picture of you taking a picture of the sign?! I am so confused! And impressed.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I'm the secret ingredient to Shannon's picture, LOL!

I'm with you on the new level of pricing at VV, Suzie. It really has made them less competitive. And that's really too bad about their pricing policy too. How frustrating! I hope you managed to get some good stuff despite all the challenges.

And yay for the peacoat! I hope we'll get to see a picture!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh interesting Jamie! So is that your photo?!

I only ended up with a couple of things like a cookbook and a sweater. I have to put almost everything back after shopping for two hours, I was pissed and wrote a rant on my personal blog and told them directly too.

The peacoat looks much better when I am not wearing bulky clothes underneath which is what got me to keep it! I will take pics soon!

Shannon said...

lol! So funny to have Double-of-the-Double-O shots! Was so much fun going to Skyfall together Jamie and I'm totally agree that stadium seating rocks!

Oh, the picture of me Jamie took, I'm pretending to be 'surprized' or 'dodging a bullet' from 007. Guess that didn't quite read, lol :)

I can't believe VV won't let you buy something if it's not priced. I bet that is a deterrent against tag-switching, but the customer looses out. And they have totally not stayed competitive over the years, every time I go in I'm shocked at the prices. I'm not paying that much for something used when I could get it on sale new for the same price. It's great for seasonal, novelty and the occasional one-of-a-kind thing, or anything you need to try on, but for basics? I'm with ya - Old Navy is the new Queen there :) I'm so sorry to hear you shopped for so long and then where stunted at the register. That totally sucks.

Shannon said...

Re: Picture Mystery. I asked Jamie to take a picture with my camera :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh I totally got the surprised element of the photo (which is awesome) but wondered how the photo got taken. :) I thought you have some mysterious camera powers I couldn't figure out and you do, it's called Jamie!

You know, most things didn't have tags. Like in the kitchen section. I would have people on the floor all the time checking for tags them if that's what they're worried about so that people like me don't come to the cash with a cart full of stuff and leave with nothing.

It's true, I could see getting a treat there every now and then but no way I am making a special trip again.

I love that we are all Old Navy Ladies! Reg and I stopped by a REAL store and got Reg's Mom some pretty polar fleece. Reg has finally converted too and said we are going to start getting him a wardrobe there too. I am so thrilled! He really needs one for the next step and we're both going to be "Old Navy" people soon anyway, LOL.