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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28, 2012


I'm getting up at 6:00 these days to work through all of the to-dos. Instead of my regular newsprint pad I wrote them all out on a huge one, the size of flip-chart paper. So much is happening and it's really exciting but I'm finding I need to take time to catch my breath and stay true to my basic practices, like meditation. Jinx kept me company and it was lovely.


Although all my vlogs are complete and all the films have been watched, I'm still dotting a few i's and crossing a few t's off the Bondathon and hoping to do 1 wrap up post with links to all the reviews. I think I rushed through the end of it a bit, which way have been the first time I've ever done that!



I had weirdness with the taxi calling to get to the hospital yesterday for my last round of tests for the year. One good thing about this test is I didn't have to sit in the unending sea of people waiting indefinitely for their number to be called. Although I did have to wait a long time but it is over! I am so happy. A year's worth of appointments and tests scrunched into four months. Funny, we are supposed to get our first snowfall today. Sort of like the universe is saying, stay home and play Suzie. You are in for five months of cabin fever, might as well enjoy it. (Sadly we have to go out today but you know what I mean...)


Shannon said...

Way to go for going out there and getting all those tests done Suzie! I think you have some well deserved play time ahead in the cabin :)

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I'm sorry I was so behind with my photo today.

I love that picture, Shannon, your list beside Mr. Bond. That's been a huge project. Here's to dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

Congrats Suzie on getting through all of your tests! Way to take care of your health. I think having a cozy playful winter sounds perfect.

Shannon said...

omg, cutie pie pic of Jinx! How nice of her to keep you company. I'm imagining Gobo near newsprint paper. It's a messy image with lots of bits of paper everywhere!!

Suzie Ridler said...

Thanks Jamie & Shannon! I keep having appointments show up and having to do things like get food, LOL. But having all those medical appointments out of the way is awesome.

Jamie, having that kind of paper reminds me of Mr. Dressup. Didn't he do that with black marker? Did you prefer it? Yes, important to get quiet time and how beautiful Jinx kept you company.

Shannon, wow, you are amazing! That photo is super impressive. Finishing it off seems to be the theme here!