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Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 22, 2012


Clearly Jinx is trying to figure out my crochet pattern. Maybe she'll make me some booties for my birthday!


I finally finished The Vampire Academy Series!  That took years!  Mind you I've had this one kicking around for a bit.  I am thrilled to have finished it and I really enjoyed it.  It's great to get back to reading.



I think yesterday just ended up being too dark to take photos of my beet soup. I had this torta and hummus with it and the soup was so subtle I couldn't taste it. Sounds like I will be doing a reshoot and re-tasting today!


Suzie Ridler said...

That is adorable Jamie! It really does look like Jinx is trying to decode the pattern and you never know, maybe this booties will show up. Patterns are driving me crazy again.

Shannon, I don't know that series! I know the relief of getting through one and I am so glad you are enjoying reading again.

That reminds me, I only have two weeks left to get through the Hunger Games!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Yay, Shannon! I know you've really enjoyed that series. Sometimes it's such a relief to get to the end - just so there can be no spoilers!

Wow, I'm not sure whether it's because I know it's from the True Blood cookbook but that soup looks pretty creepy! That's too bad it didn't have much flavour for you.

Enjoy the Hunger Games!

Shannon said...

OMG that pic of Jinx and you and your pattern is so cute Jamie! I've been thinking that Jinx is *way* smarter that we give her credit for!

I love the pic Suzie! And I'm so curious to hear the results of the soup. Beet soup! Wow. It's so bright! That is a phenomenal colour.

It was so great to get to the end of the series, it was a good one and yes now there are no spoilers! I've heard it's been optioned for a film but those rumours have been around for ages.

Suzie you might like this one, the main character is such a fighter (literally - she's a protector) and she's really firey.

Now the questions is...what to read next???

Suzie Ridler said...

I'll have to see Shannon. I'm still terrible at reading fiction but I love strong female characters and especially fighters. Maybe when I can get to the library again.

I think the soup looks creepy too, which is kind of cool. I'm sure it will have more flavour without me eating hummus with it.

Shannon, the colour is crazy. I am thinking of shooting it again when I have lunch in a fancy white tea cup. Very suitable for Talbot I think.