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Friday, January 9, 2015

January 9, 2015


Despite the cold I was able to get out yesterday - yay!! I made sure to stop out for a journal date with a cup of coffee and my beautiful sparkling new pencil case. Thank you, Shannon. I LOVE it!


I'm having a lot of fun playing Destiny, and I recently discovered these bounty things that are like mini quests...and there was one to melee tons of baddie before dying. It took a few tries, but I got it! And I still think it's so funny to punch instead of fire in a first person shooter. Ah, ...I'm so easily amused! I guess that's a good thing.


I wasn't sure if I was going to share the video of me screwing up Christmas Eve dinner with the Instant Pot but I thought, what the hell? Even my voice-over sucks because I'm still so sick. But this is my reality and that's what I have to share.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, WTG, Shannon. That's awesome you're having so much fun with that game! LOL, How awesome that you're finding your own way to enjoy it.

Suzie, I thought the video was fascinating. I was blown away by the fact that you can do the searing in the pot. The gravy looked out of this world. Of course, I probably would have totally loved thew ay the meat turned out and wouldn't have considered it a screw-up at all! I'm amazed you were able to cook being so sick! You're amazing.

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh that is so YOU!!! And yay for being able to get out Jamie. Oh good, really? You liked the video? I was worried it was too shaky and choppy but yes, that's one of the best things with the Instant Pot, it's ability to sear! Less pot-cleaning and OMG, it's true, you probably would have like the meat like that, LOL. Reg didn't seem to mind, that's hysterical.

Shannon, Knuckleduster? That's awesome! I would be the same way, especially since it looks like a robot, so much fun.

Shannon said...

I am so glad you LOVE the pencil case! It had you name written all over it :) YAY for journal dates! If the weather lets up I'm definitely going to get out and do that too.

I think they should change the name of instant pot to magic pot! I am amazed with all that you can do with it. And I'm very impressed and surprized you could film a video on Christmas Eve...even when you were sick! That's dedication Suzie! I thought the video was great.

Hehe, I think that is a robot you turn the quest into. My character is some kind of alien (I think), but you can play a robot-ish kind of person too. I should try that sometime!