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Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 15, 2015


Yesterday on my way home from Tanya's, I popped into the grocery store to get stuff for dinner and as soon as I walked in I saw this weeping pussy willow with a tag on it that said, The Tree of Enchantment. I felt like Mom had put it right there where I could find it. The note on it says, "The weeping pussy willow is among the most graceful of trees. It is connected with all that is feminine: dreaming, intuition, emotion, enchantment, healing and revitalization. The willow has long been recognized as a sacred tree by poets, philosophers and religious leaders because of the flexibility of its twigs. The willow's flexibility symbolizes resilience and inspires us to move with life rather than resist what we are feeling." Thanks, Mom! Of course, I brought it home.


I finally got my post up about the 2015 Book to Film Challenge! I'm not doing as a club this time, but people are still free to play along (or choose their own 12 books!). It's halfway through the month, but there is still a lot of the year left so I'm considering it a win-ish!


I got a night's sleep so I was unusually productive. I even had a chance to go through my Latvian cookbook because I wanted to try making a soup recipe with a ham hock. I still have to find a place that sells them but there is a butcher that might have them so I am going to go exploring that possibility on Thursday. At least a phone call, it's not that super close.


Suzie Ridler said...

Oh Jamie! Yes, that is a Mom tree for sure. I had no idea that it existed, I would totally have picked it up too. :) Beautiful.

Shannon, that is quite the list! It's amazing how many books are coming out into film this year.

Shannon said...

What a beautiful find Jamie! that is so lovely to encounter such a special tree, I'm sure Mom would have loved it :)

Good luck with the soup Suzie! I am hoping to try that recipe soon too, the search is on!

There are TONS of adaptations coming out this year. With the ones I picked, just over half are coming out this year, then a few next year and then well...there are a few that are 'in development' so... I'll have to wait and seen and hope, they come out.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That book list looks awesome - the books themselves and the pic! I'm already diving into Black Beauty and looking forward to the rest!

A great Latvian cooking adventure, Suzie! Can't wait to see how things turn out :)

Thanks about the tree. It really is special. Apparently I'll be able to plant it in the garden, which is awesome!