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Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 3, 2015


Tomorrow is the Full Wolf Moon and I'm working fiercely to get the final workshop of the Year of Dreams series ready to go. It's been a real challenge to bring it together over the holiday season, plus I'm revamping a bit of how these workshops are being offered. I took a break to have coffee with two dear friends and to hang out with Shannon but for most of the day I was tucked in and working on bringing this to life!


It feels like this year so far is all about the fun! Here is another awesome gaming moment, but of the dance variety! It's been so much fun to hit the dancefloor in Just Dance 2015, even if the choreography sometimes can be very challenging! Fun times.


Reg drove me to the library to pick up quite a bounty of books waiting for me! I am determined to figure out who Hello Kitty is, explore the world of superheroes and read about phenomenon of yarn bombing. This is the intellectual exploration I want to start in 2015, along with all my other interests.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, maybe 2015 is the Year of Fun, Shannon. Wouldn't that be awesome!! It was so great to get some dancing in. I'm enjoying the new tough moves too! Now we just need a new calendar for gold stars!

Wow, Suzie, that looks like an amazing haul. I love the range of what you're exploring - it's so you! Enjoy!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, that full moon, is a natural deadline isn't it?! I am glad you managed to have some downtime too but it sounds like it was mostly spent working and I know you must have down an awesome job!!!

I agree with Jamie, may 2015 be the year of fun for you Shannon! I love that you're dancing up a storm, that is so cool.

Thanks Jamie, it's so much fun! Intellectual exploration is one of my favourite things. I just have to convince myself that I can handle going to the Hello Kitty convention in Vancouver. I'm worked about the cuteness factor overload.

BTW, had no nightmares last night!!! What a relief.

Shannon said...

It's odd how this year the holidays felt like they came to a close quite quickly and I'm impressed you got the dreamboard workshop all together Jamie given the full wolf moon is so early this year. I am sure it's amazing!!

I love that your intellectual exploration includes both superheroes and Hello Kitty. That's awesome Suzie! And YAY for getting out the library :)

OH I like the idea of the Year of FUN! that would be fabulous. And Gold Stars. Works for me.

I'm so glad you had no nightmares last night Suzie!