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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015


We were back to guitar class last night - and that often also turns into an excuse for a bit of a date night out and about. Despite the bitter cold, we went out for a bite and a beer and also got some blues!  I loved watching this guy play the bass! It was a great night out.


I almost feel like I should have left this for random, but it really stuck with me today. It's just filler/packing paper that was in a bag I bought, but I loved the colour combination. Amazing how close it is to the rug too! I also loved all the crinkles in the paper. I would love to draw them. Drawing on the brain for sure!


I went over to Value Village yesterday to look at beads and came home with a pink briefcase for crafting supplies for only $3. I don't mean to keep buying stuff that is pink, it is just what is coming to me so I'll take it.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, Shannon, that's crazy how close to the rug that is. LOL! That's a great colour story. I wonder where else it will show up1

And speaking of colour stories, you are on a pink adventure, Suzie! What a fantastic case! That looks like a great find.

Suzie Ridler said...

Perfect night out! If you're going to brave the cold to go to guitar Jamie, why not enjoy some blues too. :)

Yes, that is an awesome colour story and so oddly similar in a cool way.

Isn't that weird? The whole pink thing? I am finding some good deals in the toy section at our VV.

Shannon said...

That's wild that you got out to guitar and got to see live music! What an music-filled night!

That is an awesome case to supplies Suzie! And I love the spirit of accepting the pink when it shows up!!