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Friday, January 2, 2015

January 2, 2015


My Vision Cards are complete! I have absolutely fallen in love with them, as I do every year. This year they were a bit different. I have several cards that are just one image, which I've almost never had before. I feel like that represents clarity and focus, which is a nice way to start the year! This reflective, creative practice is my favourite things to do between Christmas and New Year's. Here's to a wonderful 2015!


Welcome to 2015! It's funny because I thought I would spend the entire day completely consumed by lists and to dos and goals and planning, and although I did do a fair share of that I also wanted to spend some time just having fun! New Year's Day is a holiday after all. So that inspired me to spend some time playing, and sharing the awesomeness, of The Unfinished Swan. It's a wild game, a world that's totally blank until you throw balls of black paint to reveal what is around you. I love that you can just spend the time exploring and revealing what is around you. Exploration games for the win! I hope to find more like it, although it's so unique I can't imagine there will be a ton. Here's hoping!


Reg and I had the most magical even at The Festival of Lights last night! We bundled up in parkas and wool socks and went to see this magical wonderland before it closed for the year. It was probably not a swift idea for my health to go but it was one of the big things on our list for the holidays. We wandered around and around, listening to Christmas music and got totally lost in the event. It was one of the most magical evenings of my life.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, Shannon, I'm figuring that's the coolest game message EVER! Thank you so much for sharing The Unfinished Swan. What a wondrous world! And how did you feed a sea monster? I've got to know!

And speaking of wondrous, wow, Suzie, the Festival of Lights looks absolutely magical!! I'm so glad you were able to get out to it. How extraordinary! That seems like a fine start to a new year!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, your cards look amazing! And yay to focus and for 2015 and I think you're right about that and the connection to single images.

Shannon, I can't get over that game, it sounds totally wild and exploration games are my fav.

Yes! Light in the dark, which actually felt more like magic in the dark, was a great way to ring in the year. I am so glad we went. I'm still on a cloud from last night!

Shannon said...

That is so amazing that your vision cards are done Jamie! Wild how some are one image, I think seeing that as clarity is very powerful. Bring on the awesomeness of 2015!

Wow, Suzie, that is one amazing image!! Very magical looks like a forest of lights! I am happy to hear that you got out to it, and now ..time to tuck in and rest up, yes?

I'm so glad you enjoyed the world of The Unfinished Swan Jamie! And I wish I could share it with you too Suzie! It's been so fun, although I did get to a part that was harder, but hopefully I can paint my way through it!