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Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015


We met the friendliest cat yesterday when we were out on adventures. Her name is Moxie and we met her on our way to an open house, the second house viewing we did yesterday. One of the things we're really exploring this year is whether to move or stay put. Both houses we saw were really interesting but ultimately not for us. One was absolutely dreamy in terms of space and layout but it just had too many drawbacks to consider. *sigh* It was a good way to dream on the Full Wolf Moon. Plus I made sure to create my dreamboard!


I picked up daily word definitions calender (WOOHOO!). The words are a little all over the place though, like this one...avowal, I guess it's tied to 'vow' but I struggled to think of more usages other than the example here. My brain did think about it though! Here's for learning more words in 2015!



I spent some time in my crafts room today which made me very happy. I moved my Christmas tree in there with some family photos. You couldn't see the mountains from the window, we are getting a ton of rain but they were calling for snow so it's all good. It has truly been a fun day.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I so love this picture, Suzie! It is absolutely magical. You have definitely created a beautiful space. May you have lots of fun getting inspired and crafty!

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow Jamie, that's huge! Just to be considering and start looking. I am glad you're dreaming big, especially when it comes to a potential new house. And what a beautiful cat to come across your path. Love her name, Moxie!

Shannon said...

What a cute cat Jamie! And amazing to see one out in January, hopefully she found a warm place today (brr!). It's also amazing to go to an open house so early in the year, sorry to hear neither house really worked for you. Awesome to put it on your dreamboard! Great timing there :)

Wow Suzie you have an awesome crafts room! Look at all those supplies, and your amazing Christmas tree..and I see a few familiar faces too! It's nice to have a space for so many delights.

Late add from me.

Suzie Ridler said...

What a cool desk calendar Shannon and yay to learning new words. That's a new one to me too!