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Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 10, 2015


Yesterday I filmed a video about creating a 365 collage journal. I was so surprised when I looked at the full one I made back in 2011 how much it meant to me so I thought I'd share! The video has my first ever journal flip-through too! I also had an awesome time hanging out with Shannon, having Chinese food and dancing!


I think I've really been in a gaming mood these days! I was happy to find out that I can use the handheld controller for Just Dance with my PS4 (thank you Jamie for letting me test it out!), for some reason the camera doesn't pick up my motion consistantly and that's totally been making me less likely to dance. And...dancing... is totally something that shouldn't have such barriers. Plus, I totally have to work on increasing my tournament score….


I had such a weird day. In some ways, it was amazing. In other ways, totally frustrating. I did manage to complete my goal of cutting out the pattern AND the fabric for my first set of tights. And then I wanted to cry. And felt all empty. I blame the insomnia which is just kicking my spirit around. I am only conscious when I can't really do anything and want to sleep when I have time and light to do stuff. It's all very frustrating and I am wondering if having daily goals is helping or making things worse?


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

LOL, Shannon, that tournament score! I am amazed that many people are playing. Clearly the PS4 has a bigger crowd on the dance floor. But soon you'll have your controller and you'll be busting the big moves in no time!

Oh, Suzie, I'm so sorry. You sound so very drained. That's such a good question about what is actually helping. It sounds like you really, really need a big rest. I'm sending so much love. ((bighugs))

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, is there a link to your video of you sharing the book? Wow, it looks amazing! I am constantly impressed with your creative spirit. You really live everything you believe and it brings such joy.

So glad you figured out a way to get the Just Dance game to work better with the hand controller Shannon because life should always have dancing in it.

Thanks Jamie. Yesterday was just brutal, emotionally. Fear made its way inside and exhaustion just tore me apart. I kind of slept which helped take the edge off.

Shannon said...

Wow that collage journal is packed to the gills Jamie! That's so cool you did your first flip through video, and how wonderful to share how to make a 365 collage journal. That's so cool!

That's so cool that you ended up being able to cut out the fabric for the tights Suzie. And I so hear you the energy thing, it's a challenge when you set goals and then feels like it's too much. Maybe gauge it day by day, like if you have some energy set 1 goal but if it's a rough day leave the goals for another day.

First of many late adds from me.

Shannon said...

And...oops...I added this one on time! Next post is first late adds. I can't even keep it all straight!

Suzie Ridler said...

Day by day is definitely the way to go Shannon, thanks for that!