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Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30, 2015


Despite the snow it was great to get out for a little coffee date with myself. Well, myself, May Sarton and Lynda Barry. Both of these ladies are great company! I can't believe I'm still reading Journal of a Solitude but at least I'm still enjoying it too. And I just love Syllabus. I'm reading it slowly too because there's so much to take in and think about!


Feels like our very snowless January is coming to an end! Lots came down today and it's gonna be chilly out tomorrow. Sigh. So hard to plan stuff when the weather always gets to have ultimate say!


Amazing how the search for a smoked ham hock turned into something so moving. I've been thinking of mom all week and making this soup (and finally having light to do a photoshoot of it) made me feel closer to her. It's from the Latvian Cooking cookbook. I don't have Mom's soup recipe on-hand and I think it has cabbage in it which Reg can not tolerate the smell of. I uploaded the video and wrote the post.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

It was a surprise to get the snow, wasn't it, Shannon? It really did throw a wrench in the works but still we ended up with great plans - more on that tomorrow!

Suzie, what a lovely tribute to Mom. I can't believe how difficult it is to get a smoked ham hock! That's so great you did and were able to enjoy the warmth and love in that soup!

Suzie Ridler said...

You are so brave and committed to go out in that weather Jamie! But with great company and books like that, I totally get it.

Oh Shannon, look at that heavy snow fall! It's true, the weather is so powerful when it comes to affecting schedules, it's crazy.

It's true Jamie, it should not have been that difficult to get a smoked ham hock, it was crazy!

Shannon said...

You know a book is really good when you want to read is slowly! That's so awesome to have a coffee date with yourself and awesome book Jamie, sounds wonderful and inspiring!

The soup look absolutely amazing Suzie, and how lovely to have found a smoked ham hock and be able to make this for Mom's birthday. The video is amazing and totally got me teary!

I think Mom's recipe is on the Family blog.

And ...the snow is STILL here! Not as bad as out East, but wow. It's a lot.