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Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6, 2012


Though we had some energy lulls, Shannon and I have had a wonderful first day in Portland. We've had some great meals, including, thankfully, some salads (kale ftw!) We stumbled along a fabulous street art fair, heard some public blues performances and even had our cards read. A memorable time already and the conference hasn't even started!


Oddly this is not the picture I picked to pick but when working from afar sometimes you go with the one who shows up, and this working duck wanted to be seen! Go duck!



Yes, my life is so exciting. Here I am showing off my freshly cleaned teeth from my dentist's appointment! One cool thing is my dentist thought my food blogging was fascinating. I realized that is one of the first times that has ever happened to me. Normally people just think it's either weird or pathetic. I stopped by the thrift store with my new "brand" in mind and actually found a ton of stuff. More on that to come!


Suzie Ridler said...

Oh I miss you both so much!!! I am so glad you're having a great time and what is that store? Is it an antique store? You had your cards read? What did they say???!!!!

BTW, Shannon, as soon as I saw that Ducky, I knew that was a perfect example as to why I love your photography (even though you didn't mean to put it up). That is the kind of thing I would not have notice but you seem to SEE things I can't. I love that. I love seeing what you see.

Shannon said...

Miss you too Suzie! I'm so excited to hear that your brand is not only on the mind but also showing up for realz!

Kinda hard to describe that store - both pics that are up are same store, and same place we had our cards read! I'm still thinking about that one and will have to see where I can write about it! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures!

Suzie Ridler said...

Me too Shannon! Manifestation magic at work. Love it.

Was it an antiques store? Was there a woman reading cards like a gypsy or was it just part of the store. So curious and I hope she had good news for both of you.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Miss you too, Suzie!! It's a bit hard to explain what the store is like. Do you remember Frida down on Front Street? It's a little bit like that but more of an eclectic mix of cool things. It's a favourite stop here - a great photo safari.

The tarot reader was setting up for the evening. There's a blues festival on and the street was also filled with an art show, so it seemed it was a special occasion. The reading was amazing, including both Shannon and I getting the same card in the same place and her saying, "You will soon be surrounded by like-minded people, what I would call your "tribe"" - the day before the conference!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh interesting! Yes, OK, I can see the store in my head now. Col there is a blues fest and an art show going on too. And wow, what an accurate reading! :) I hope it's true and that you are connecting with your tribe this weekend. :)