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Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012


Perhaps inspired by the Olympics or the more temperate weather, I went out for a run. It felt so good to channel my energy and get out of the house. I always love connecting with my neighbourhood this way and yesterday I loved doing my warm-up walk behind this guy and his cute bulldog. I was listening to this song as I walked briskly and enjoyed the beautiful moment.


This weekend was ALL OLYMPICS, ALL THE TIME! I was really taken by both weightlifting as well as likely my most watched ever Olympic sport: gymnastics. One of the big stats the announcers were sharing was how many people have completed in multiple Olympics, up to 6 if I remember right, and it freaked me out because I may have watched them each and every time! One of the ones I was most impressed with was Marcel Nguyen on the German team (image above) who consistently delivered with style and grace over and over and over on Saturday.


Reg and I went to see Out of This World Extraordinary Costumes exhibit over the weekend. We also picked up one of the toughest pieces for his Hal-Con costume on Saturday, super exciting. Really looks like his cool costume is really going to happen. As a result, we were inspired to go check out famous costumes from the movies. Can you believe how tall the guy who played Darth Vader was? I of course wanted a photo of me with the Riddler costume. More to come on my blog tomorrow!


Suzie Ridler said...

You two and your love affair with the Olympics is awesome! You make me see it in a whole new light. What a cute photo of the guy out with the dog Jamie and Shannon, I also have always loved the men's gymnastics, absolutely amazing.

Shannon said...

Sounds like there are adventures abound with everyone's out and aboutness! I'm so impressed you went out for a run Jamie! And I love that you are already so revved and prepped for HalCon Suzie! fun times

Suzie Ridler said...

Yes, nicely done going out for a run Jamie, as taking photographs at the same time? Impressive!

Love hearing your Olympic coverage Shannon, it's the best one out there.

Yup, very busy gathering stuff for Hal-Con but we found a weight belt for Reg, FINALLY!

Got intel on Kiera's outfit, way more complicated than I can put together. Looks like it's Bo for me!