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Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012


More and more my art supplies are making their way downstairs to the new "art nook." I wonder what it's going to be like to work down there. Will I work down there? Time will tell!


Weekend watching! Pretty light this weekend with catching Haywire on DVD for review (it's so awesome), finishing off Season 3 of the X-Files and revving up for Hot Docs (I didn't get out to anything on the weekend - but I did my preview on the Movie Moxie Podcast!). I was hoping to have a low key-weekend, and although that's still a lot it was pretty stress-free.



Saturday was freezing! Snow was falling and everything. Thankfully the sun came out on Sunday and it was 10C which for here, is warm. I attacked some of the dandelions and Reg mowed part of the lawn. Man, our lawn is just too damn big.

I know you both watched the video on the silver cleaning (thanks, you both rock!) but here is the post sharing the story before the utensils. I thought you might like to read about the auction and that moment Reg went up against... dum dum dum dummmm..... the antiques guy!


Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

It's so awesome to see the art nook come together, and I'm so happy you have a space and even more than that I do hope you use it! Newly created spaces always remind me of cats - because they continue to find them all the time!

Sounds like you are continuing to get the weird weather, Suzie! We are too! We've had crazy warm days and very nippy ones. Good thing there was some warm time for grass cutting.

Suzie Ridler said...

Hey, I thought I commented on this! Jamie, I am so curious to hear about your nook. Where in your house is it? Is it the bedroom in the basement? I am so glad you are creating such an important space for yourself.

Shannon, I totally agree, Haywire was kick-ass! I hope a lot of that stress is now over for you and you can get to being the queen of podcasting.

You are getting weird weather too? So bizarre! Yup, had to get at the lawn while we could. It has gotten freezing again!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, I hope you have a great time at Hot Docs this year. I'm sad to be missing it! There are always some real treasures.

Suzie, I can't believe you guys went from snow to mowing! I can't wait to read about Reg and the antiques guy. What an adventure!

The nook is in the basement, in the room we call the 'cubby'. I haven't had a chance to start putting it to use yet but at least it's put all my art stuff into one space and is also a place I can leave things out while working on them, which is totally awesome. We shall see!