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Friday, April 20, 2012

April 20, 2012


I'm sorry I didn't get a picture up yesterday! That's a first. I've been having an awful combo of super-crazy-to-do's and super-dozy-brain. When an email arrived announcing an awesome deal on a massage and lunch at my spa, I jumped at it! Crazy? Yes. It's just so important to me to be rested and ready for our upcoming trip to France! In this moment, I'm feeling so excited and so thankful. This is an extraordinary time and I'm savouring every minute.


Oh my, goodies in the mail - and I'm going to be a busy bee watching all these goodies for review. I'm very curious to watch the uncut version of The Divide - I haven't seen it since Toronto After Dark and am very much looking forward to diving into it again, this time without pre-interview nervousness!

Under Our Willow Tree


This is not what you want resin to look like! But thanks to the Easter snowstorm that caused a power outage, the resin just did not set. It needs to warm up for the two parts to come together. I was left with a sticky horrible mess. So? I attacked it was my Dremel tool. When all else false, turn to power tools.

I used a light and delicate sanding attachment (the heavy duty one just made a mess) to give it more of a smooth texture. Then I resin-ed it again. I am happy to report that both pendants are nice, shiny and smooth/not sticky this morning. Yay! I feel much better now.


Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, I think it's absolutely wise to get some relaxation in before your big adventure and no worries on not getting to post, that happened to me recently too.

Aren't treats in the mail the absolute best? I am constantly amazed at the collection you get and can't believe I haven't seen most of them. Is that the Wicker Man version with Nicholas Cage? We actually kind of liked it.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, way to problem solve, Suzie! Yay you! And wild to see hardware-inspired creativity!

Shannon, I was struck by the golden colour story of the most of your movies, lol. Enjoy!

Thanks, Suzie. It was really good for me to go and just relax for a bit. My brain has been absolute mush lately! The spa always helps me rejuvenate!

Suzie Ridler said...

Thanks Jamie! A woman with these screws from a tea set wanted me to resin them so she could wear them. The ones that are just regular screws were the test batch. I thought it was such a cool idea of hers and really was scared I was going to let her down.

Shannon's the golden lion!

I hear ya on the brain mush. Me too. Glad you have a place you can go to rest and relax Jamie!