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Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 26, 2012


I love this sign that's up at my bank for a number of reasons. First, every time I see the Dutch dank u wel I can literally hear my father-in-law Chris saying it. It's so lovely. And also I think it's a great reminder of the multicultural nature of Toronto, which is one of the things I just love about it. And you know, that my bank is focused on gratitude feels pretty nice too.


Lots of planning, spreadsheet-ing, amazon and google-looking, feet-on-pavementing and friends recommending, but now I have all 22+1* Bond Films and can now officially start the work on revealling the *real* planning my upcoming marathon.

* The 22+1 is the official 22 + Never Say Never Again which is a remake of Thunderball and not counted as an official Bond film. But I'm counting it.

Random House of Canada sent me a mug!


Well after our online discussion about not having time to really do what we really love Shannon, I made a big decision. I wrote to RHC to tell them I would no longer be doing cookbook reviews. They were just getting too hard to do and too expensive. It was started to depress me and when I totally screwed up Anne Burrell's homemade pasta (I have made homemade pasta before) I knew my heart wasn't in it any longer.

I think it is time to focus on what I do want to do and that's my own foodie thing. I've never been good at following rules (as you both know well) and recipes have been feeling more and more like rules. Time to go crazy, follow my instincts and lay down the cookbooks. It's time!


Anonymous said...

I love this have a gift for always being tuned into your Self and the cycles that support you. I admire you for making this decision.
You'll always be a foodie, whether for yourself or others, it's part of you!
blessings and bravery!

Suzie Ridler said...

Thank you so much Gabrielle, I really appreciate that. I am still trying to follow the energy and it was a tough decision to make. Yes, I'll always be a foodie, even without cookbooks! :)

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I think it makes so much sense for you, Suzie. Right away it makes sense that you'd be doing your own thing instead of following someone's directions. On top of that, it also makes sense that you'd do something for a while and then change it up. That's the Suzie way!

And Shannon, it looks like Bond-ness is on its way. Am I reading this right that you got all the films? Whoa, Nellie!

Suzie Ridler said...

Thanks Jamie! That means so much and yes, it's just time to go on my own foodie path.

Love that multicultural thank you sign BTW, that's so Toronto, I love it!

I think Shannon may now want to secretly be a secret agent, LOL. That's a lot of Bond madness!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I love the language inclusiveness of your bank Jamie!!

And wow, way to go Suzie and making the big decision on the book reviews, I totally understand and think it's great to realize that it's not working and to act on it.

And yes, I did get all of the Bond films! I waiting until I had them all to say anything to not jinx it. The re-watch will begin soon!