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Friday, April 6, 2012

April 6, 2012


The before picture! You can definitely see we need a new fence. I'm worried about a few of our plants, particularly the mock orange and tree peony. They have a lot of meaning for me and are really rare around here. I talked to Mom and actually decided to take the mock orange out to protect it and planted it right there in the yard. Our huge hydrangea had to go and it broke my heart to cut it down to the quick. At the last minute we decided to see if it will grow in our little patch garden in the front. <<fingerscrossed>>


Very busy day, so much so I almost forgot to take a picture! With it being Good Friday tomorrow I picked up some bits & bobs from the grocery story as it's one of the few days when almost everything is closed.

Under Our Willow Tree


What would have happened had Jamie not taken us all to the crafts store where she discovered Shrinky Dinks? Was that at Lewis Craft? I loved that store. They had the best strawberry potpourri in the world.

It was Crafty Thursday yesterday and I started working on my Gothic cupcake clock. Took me a while to figure out sizing since Shrinky Dinks are far from reliable. It was fun but wow, did I ever pay a price for a whole day of crafting. I was so tired I felt sick for a while. Gotta do more during the week to prevent that. Can't wait to finish my clock!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Smart you, Shannon! (And thanks for picking up cream!) I didn't get to the store and so will be having creative day with food!

Suzie, I'm just LOVING the pictures of your developing clock. Shrinky Dinks - who knew? I'm having a hard time remembering which store we went to for those. Do you remember where it was?

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh Jamie, i hope your pants are safe! Those ones you mentioned are all a big deal, I know. My fingers are crossed for you!

I went on Wednesday Shannon to prepare for the long weekend too. So smart to do so! I still find it weird that everything is closed here all weekend but Saturday when hopefully we will really get food.

Thanks Jamie! I am so glad I am going for it with the clock. It is so much fun! I remember we had to take transit to get to the place with Shrinky Dinks. it wasn't Toys r Us was it? Lewis Craft doesn't feel quite right. Maybe Michaels?

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

It was totally crazy to see them piling up wood upon wood upon wood right beside where I replanted the mock orange! Thank goodness I marked some of the precious growing things because many unmarked ones have been trampled! The guys did their best, I'm sure, it's just the nature of this kind of project. *Sigh*

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Looks like were are all were in prep mode of some kind! It's wild to have seen some of the fence transformation (as noisy as it was, hehe).

Suzie I'm totally loving the cupcake clock! What a brilliant idea!