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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17,. 2012


What a truly amazing experience it was to be at Oprah's Life Class. The lessons and the energy are still sinking in, working their way into my heart and soul. Tony Robbins in particular shared some lessons that I'll keep with me, experiences that woke me up and blessed my heart. This was truly a special experience and I am so thankful to Kelly Jack Real Estate for the tickets.


Wow. Challenging way to start the week is by walking into work and having to quickly and temporarily relocated. Tried my best to maintain order during the chaos, but I think the hardest thing was missing my morning coffee til more like lunch time! Of course I had to bring some happy colours to my new temp space, so that ... you know... people would know *Shannon's HERE!* and also so that there was somewhere for folks to find pens and post it notes to share!



I did a little foodie investigation yesterday. My blender is officially dead (RIP Buck Rodger blender) so I was curious to look at the blenders made by the company that made the faulty coffee makers I bought. I noticed it wasn't one on display so I had to take it out of the box. The whole thing was made out of the cheapest plastic you can imagine with four tiny little blades. Reg was right, piece of crap. Darn it! I guess that's what happens with $20 blenders.

Right now I am using the hand blender Dad and Julie gave me all those years ago to make smoothies but it hurts! Any blender advice would be appreciated.


Suzie Ridler said...

Wow Jamie, I still can't believe it! And I can't wait to hear more. What an opportunity of a lifetime. :)

Shannon, that sounds uber-stressful, I'm so sorry. Are you OK? Glad you added colourful accents around you to indicate your space.

BTW, I ordered a blender online today. I just can't live without one any longer!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

It really was, Suzie. I really celebrate the impact that Oprah has had on so many. What I loved most about her yesterday was her sincere commitment to the exploration of deep and important spiritual and personal questions and to share that journey. She also very sincerely connected with people.

Each of the teachers shared something that I'm taking away. And though I've been a bit shy to say this in the past, I am quite a Tony Robbins fan. He had a huge and memorable impact on the audience yesterday. Wow.

As for the blenders, I wonder if you guys should invest in the Vitamix. That thing is a powerhouse and will likely last you a long, long time. I find regular blenders really can't take much smoothie making, especially if you include ice or frozen fruits.

Shannon, what a miserable day! I'm so sorry that you had to go through that hassle, especially after the walk and without coffee. That sucks!

Yay you for bringing in some colour and making a Shannon statement despite the ugh!-

Suzie Ridler said...

That's wonderful Jamie! I really like Oprah, even when she drives me crazy, LOL. I would have loved to have gone, what a gift to have won those tickets!

I always wondered about Tony Robbins, now I might have to look into some of his books. I like that he thinks big, that his mind is a giant. That always appealed to me.

You know, I would love a Vitamix. I mean, I would LOVE it but right now just getting the one I ordered... It's tough.

Shannon, I do hope it wasn't anything serious. And no coffee is just wrong!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Okay - omg. OPRAH! That's like amazing! And all those people! And wisdom! And amazingness! Wow, I still can't believe it!

I think with blenders a powerful motor is what you need. I don't use the one I have often, but the sucker weighs a freaking TON! Glass and metal, old-skool. I wonder if you you can check product reviews online for them.

And I'm fine - it was just one of those days were you are busy all day and feel like you get nothing done. But I managed to make my new, temp, space pretty & bright :)