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Friday, July 31, 2015

July 31, 2015


Yesterday was a really tough day so I particularly love this quiet moment with Escher. (The dappling sunlight is unbelievable!) I've been working super hard to get Sparkles out there and yesterday was full on for getting it set up. Then I had my dental hygienist appointment, which is always very stressful for me, even though I absolutely adore where I go. And then the three kittens went to the vet for their shots and an exam. We did manage to get them in carriers but Scout was beyond frightened. Luckily Dr. Jen was super good with all of them and it looks like they are doing really well though the blood work results will come in today. The other big news is that the kittens are a full month older than they were originally assessed! And the good news is this morning all seems to be forgiven - at least when there's wet food involved.


I finished another book for the 2015 Book to Film Challenge! The Price of Salt took a long time for me to get into it, so much so that it wasn't until the last time sitting down to read it I really felt like was invested in the characters. It was a pretty easy read though, and had great descriptors and tension but wasn't an instant win for me but had to win me over and took a long time for that to happen. I think I've realized that I am not used to fiction that isn't "genre" of some kind, and wonder if I should make sure I work in a fair amount of fantasy, scifi, paranormal, spec fiction, etc because that's really where my heart is. I definitely get a lot out of stretching my reading horizons, but I have to have some that I simply love too.


I took three rests so I could go to D&D tonight for Reg's campaign and it was a blast! I love playing Pippi the druid gnome (I'm the one with the flaming globe who is way too big for my character) and we went up against the undead on our way to a haunted brewery.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Sounds like an awesome night, Suzie! I love the name Pippi!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, I honestly don't know how you do it all. I know Scout will forgive you but it's hard being "the bad guy" when you're actually being the good guy. And Sparkles is a hug hit! Wow, people really came out didn't they? It's amazing!

I choose Pippi for Pippi Longstocking, who was a huge hero in my life growing up. The only good thing about being in Brownies was getting to see her movies.

Shannon said...

The cats will totally forgive you Jamie! They always get scared going to the vet, I think it's a universal cat thing. And YAY they all got a clean bill of health. You have take such good care of them and are such a great cat mom! They are so lucky to have you :)

Of course you are the character with the flaming globe, I could pick you out right away Suzie! I am glad you got out to have some fun with D&D :)

Late add from me.