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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 21, 2015


What? No kittens?! It's true! Justin and I actually got out of the house and started our week having an awesome time at the Pan Am Games! The day was beautiful. The environment relaxed and lovely. It was great to be down at U of T. We even walked in through UC and I showed Justin where I used to take classes. We had a great time watching Argentina and Cuba compete in women's field hockey, even though we know nothing about the sport!


I'm hoping kittens trying to climb up on me is a sign of progress,... yes? Or simply hunger? Heheh


It is all official. Signed up at the studio and picked the classes I am most interested in. It took more energy than I thought it would but I am thrilled. I really like the place and I got along great with the woman there which is hopeful. Classes won't start until the fall but I chose: pottery, watercolour painting and mixed media. We'll see what happens!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, what a great opportunity, Suzie. Those classes sound fantastic. Yay you for following your instincts and making this happen!

Shannon said...

It's so exciting that you got out to the PanAm games Jamie! And it looks like it was a lovely day for it. It's always nice to be at UofT during the summer :)

Congratulations Suzie on signing up for the classes! I really hope it's going to be an awesome time for you there, I think it's great to be spending some time on yourself and art. Woohoo!

Late add from me.