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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28, 2015


Well, the kittens continue to feel more and more at home, though I can't help but feel nervous about trying to get them into their carriers and to the vet this Thursday for their second round of shots. We have not gotten close to picking them up, though we've made progress with petting them.It was so hot that they were mostly sleepy and more receptive. I can't believe that at the end of this week it will be a month that they've been here. They have already grown so much!


It was time to revisit a classic recipe with the mushrooms. The bacon-mushroom dinner version, not the stuffed mushrooms. I can't believe I have so many mushroom recipes in the roster than I have to say more than just mushrooms! Even though it was a hot day out, this was the dinner than had to be made. Yum!


Last week I tried to get to the dollar store but overshot the direction and ended up in, let's say, the equivalent to Scarborough by accident. But worse. I noticed almost all the stores were shut down and it was getting rougher and rougher. Great day to wear my alien hat and Trogdoor T-shirt. Today I went back and righted that wrong. Picked up some bags, drinking glasses for Reg and little things like that. Did you know that Dollarama is one of the most successful stores in Canada right now? Considering how much money I saved going on that walk, I can totally understand why.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Omg, the mushrooms are so delicious - both versions, actually! Thanks so much for a great dinner, Shannon!

Whoa, Suzie, I'm glad the second version of this trip worked out way better! It's amazing how much Dollarama has become a basic these days!

Suzie Ridler said...

What a challenge that is going to be Jamie! Taking them to the vet? Yikes! I hope for your sake it's a hot lazy day on Friday. They are growing up so fast!

Shannon, you totally made me hungry. Yum!

I totally freaked out when I found out there was a Dollarama kind of near here. OK, it's not close but I can get there on good days. Makes such a difference.

Shannon said...

That is an amazing capture moment of all three cats Jamie! And look how sunny it was, what an awesome shot. It's amazing now that is has been a month! I think they have come really far :)

I'm glad this trip to the dollar store was successful Suzie! I had no idea that they were such a successful business, but there really are a lot of them and they always seem to be doing great when I'm in there. It's great to have one that is nearby and not Scarborough distance away!