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Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 18, 2015


Well, the kittens are out of the Kitten Zone! It's a bit nerve-wracking.  We've literally seen them wrestle until one of them is doing a somersault down the stairs! Having said that, they seem happy and comfortable, as you can see by the picture, and that's a great thing. Now, if only I could relax while they're out and about!


I've been having some fun with (another) exercise from Syllabus which is literally colouring in colouring pages in crayon. It's very low key and a lot of fun. I have to work on not being compulsive to do many in a row, but so far I've been doing well in that area - yay!


Another psycho-long day but at least most of it was fun. Went with Reg to an eye doctor appointment and went out to lunch together and stopped by Michaels and Whole Foods. Then saw the Minions movie which was entertaining. It was nice to have a day together but I am ready for a nice long day at home.


Suzie Ridler said...

That would make me nervous too Jamie, especially worrying about them getting hurt! They must love this freedom though.

Yay for colouring Shannon and what a fun image to work on.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

It's something I totally hadn't anticipated! And now that they've found their way into the basement - even more so! Still, I'm sure they'll find their way.

I love that colouring page, Shannon! What an awesome fun exercise. I love that you didn't just read about it - you're doing it!

Whoa, Suzie, that's a super full day. I'm glad you got some me-time afterwards. I hope everything heals up well for Reg. It's nice that you guys had some fun time too!

Shannon said...

I *love* this picture Jamie! The Cats in the Hood! They look totally comfortable on the stairs and it's exciting to see them out and about. And nerve wracking too, eep. It looks like working in stages has been a really good idea.

Sounds like quite the adventureous day Suzie! I don't know how you managed to get it all in, Michael's and Minions and so much more oh my! I'm glad you two got to spend the day together, even if some of it was appointments. That aside, it sounds like a very summery day!