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Friday, July 24, 2015

July 24, 2015


We had such a good day celebrating Shannon's birthday! Shannon and I went out for a great brunch, then headed out to the art store and also Value Village. More than a few wonderful treats were picked up! We even spent time in the afternoon colouring with our new coloured pencils. Then we ordered Hakka Chinese and watched Big Hero 6 and had cake! And yes, the cats got up in the basement ceiling around the vents but they're all safe and sound! A truly awesome day. (I have a feeling some new traditions have been found!) 


BIRTHDAY TIME!!!! Thank you both so much for a wonderful birthday! It was full of adventure and fun and some crazy extra excitement with the cats. And of course, CAKE! Yum. :)


Reg had an appointment so we made another day of it, shorter this time. Made sure to go to Blenz, my favourite cafe. I'm back on caffeine though. This is the last appointment for a while now. I finally have the ability to stay at home starting Friday! I can't believe it. Sadly, I could not have done it without caffeine.


Shannon said...

Wow, I'm surprized to hear you are on caffeine again. I hope it helps. One good thing is that if you decide to go off it again, you know the best way! I am glad you have a favourite coffee place, that's always a nice thing to have and to get to visit :)

Shannon said...

late add from me!

Shannon said...

Great picture Jamie! Thank you so much for taking this, which is one of the only Bday pictures from our adventures out and about. I had a total blast going to VV and the art store and spending the day together. And colouring was so much fun! I want to do more by my goodness I have to pace myself, lol. Fun times all around :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Sounds like the perfect day (except for cat-capades!) for Shannon's bday, yay! :) And the cake looks awesome!!!