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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 9, 2017


I had a busy day yesterday, including hosting a Facebook Live, which was tons of fun, but I still managed to work in a little creative time. Shannon and I had such fun doing these wonderfully random pages that I wanted to do some more. This time I made a couple of pages in my journal. It's very calming in the midst of busy!


I've been trying to shift of some of the ways that I spend my time, and as such today I watched some drawing and art tutorial vids on YouTube and it was really cool to see some of the advice out there!


I was so excited to get my artist palette in class today! And I even USED it! I snuck this photo during the demo when people were away from their seats. Class went way better than I was expecting and I even got to go to lunch with a friend from pretty far away who was in town for the afternoon. A little too much for me, didn't sleep the night before as a result, but I am glad things turned out the way they did. Had an excellent day despite not getting any sleep. The teacher even said I was a good student. ME!!! A good student. OMG... Wow, talk about healing. It meant so much.


Suzie Ridler said...

Sounds like a super productive day Jamie and so cool you did Facebook Live!

That is quite cool advice within the videos Shannon.

Shannon said...

Wow, it was a day of art for all of us!!

I'm so glad you got to make more pages Jamie! It was so much fun to do those and I'm glad you could work it into a regular day!

Sounds like a wonderful day of art class, seeing a friend and have a positive interaction with your art teacher! Triple win Suzie!!!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

What a creative day!!

Shannon, that sounds like a wonderful way to spend some time. Thank you for sharing this video with me earlier. I hope you find some great stuff out there and feel like it is a positive shift.

Yay you, Suzie! That's so lovely the teacher called you a good student. And gold star for using your palette! You're doing great.