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Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017


As the Spring into Horror readathon comes to a close, I finally start finishing some books. I think with it being a genre I don't read that often, what I felt like reading was harder to hone in on so I had lots of false starts and put down a lot and didn't get to a lot. That said, one that I did finish was Mongrels and it was excellent! It follows a boy in a werewolf family, and he travels all over in almost nomadic lifestyle with his aunt and uncle, and the chapters are mostly set up as short stories, as if he is writing a story about himself during a certain period of time. It's quite charming and I am very happy I picked it up!


Saturday was dark and depressing but Sunday was sunny and I even got out to the Value Village sale and then came home and finally completed making bagels for the first time! Wow!!! Unbelievably delicious. This may be one of the most dangerous things I have ever learned to make. The perfect way to start my Foodie Bucket List.


Suzie Ridler said...

Interesting Shannon that a new genre made it more challenging to read. I am glad you felt comfortable being able to put things down and Mongrel sounds amazing! Would you consider it horror?

Shannon said...

Way to go with VV and bagel making Suzie! Those look pretty amazing, I'm glad to hear they turned out dangerously well! YAY for Foodie Adventures with the Bucket List!