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Friday, May 19, 2017

May 19, 2017


Well, yesterday was a big day - the return of the podcast! We have worked so hard behind the scenes to shine it up. We've got a new podcast host which is making a huge difference in everything from sound quality to process ease. We've got a new look too. Hopefully this will all help the show reach and inspire more people more often. Special thanks to Shannon for helping make it go, including a few wonderful meetings yesterday. I worked as long as I could on this and other things and then Justin and I went out for dinner, which was just what I needed! Celebration ftw.


I didn't take that many pictures today, really tucked into things and then kinda crashed. The heat has arrived in Toronto, and didn't even break for "warm" and went straight to hot. That said, it was awesome to feel all the sunshine and open all the windows, that I can handle!


Went for a seriously long walk to a health food store that was sort of in my neighbourhood (the total limit to how far I can walk) and it's too funny, I ended up buying shortening! Well at least it wasn't lard, which they didn't have. But what a meat section! I came home, rested and then decided to hand paint my ceramic pendants with acrylic paint so now you can kind of see them. I am adding embossing powder to some of them too and charms... I feel like I am finally waking up creatively. I even watched the video for the embroidery machine which was not helpful in the slightest but one step closer to starting that too. Busy but creative and productive day!


Suzie Ridler said...

That is fantastic news that a new host is helping with sound quality of the podcast Jamie! Welcome back to that part of your creative life. Nice!

Shannon, oi, that sounds harsh. Sorry to hear you didn't get much of a spring. We're supposed to edge up temperature-wise too.

Shannon said...

YAY to the return of the podcast Jamie! I think you've done an amazing job getting everything shiny'd up on the new hosting and new look and it's a great episode! i look forward to many more! It's going to be a great season!

Sounds like quite an amazing day Suzie, and quite an adventure walk to the store. I love how the pendants work and am so excited to hear that you are waking up creatively with them and the embroidery machine! That's an exciting step!