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Friday, May 5, 2017

May 5, 2017


I just had to laugh when I saw this squirrel looking like he was hanging in the balance - LOL! Gosh, it is nice to have my trip to the gym be in the sunlight! Plus, with the arrival of spring, this is a magical time for hearing the birds and seeing the squirrels. There are so few humans and it is still so quiet. It must be their very favourite time of day.


One of the things I really enjoy doing on my Friday Reads videos is choosing the next book to read from the TBR Jar (I pull one every time I finish a physical copy of a book I own). This week, I had to draw two titles! It's an exciting way to take the pressure off deciding what to pick next!


I had been looking forward to going to a brand new eclairs shop all week and it finally happened! A friend took me down and we had SIX eclairs! OMG! They weren't big but... wow. I skipped lunch to make up for it. It was fascinating to see which ones we liked, which ones we didn't like and what was meh. It's so weird because all of a sudden it was hot today and so sunny. Tonight we had a small thunderstorm which is rare here and feels like energy is finally shifting. I can live with that! Bring on the sweet stuff.


Suzie Ridler said...

That is one adorable and funny squirrel Jamie! I guess you're up at the crack of dawn which is just amazing.

Shannon, wow, two titles?! And I love that coffee jar. I have one just like it for salad dressings.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

It is early, Suzie! So far it's working pretty well for me. Except that I start wanting to go to bed around 9:30! LOL.

LOL, how wonderful to see both of your pictures next to each other. Same energy? I think so :)

Shannon, that is always so much fun. How great to have a surprise element. It's like a treat!

And Suzie, that is a treat! How wonderful to indulge in eclairs with a friend What was your favourite?

Suzie Ridler said...

And that is EARLY!!! LOL, but good because you're getting enough sleep.

It's true, me and Shannon have selfies going on today.

The praline was my favourite, despite there being no pralines in the eclair. I think it was praline deconstructed, LOL. You would have loved the raspberry one Jamie! Sadly the maple, made for Vancouverites, was terrible. Going to make for an interesting story!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Omg, a praline eclair? That sounds phenomenal. Okay, we are definitely putting that on the list of places to go when I visit :)

And, um, I'm not exactly sure that I'm getting enough sleep but I'm trying!

Suzie Ridler said...

Yes!!! And the praline was definitely the best even though there were no caramelized hazelnuts on it.

Oh no! I thought that would mean you are getting a full night's sleep. Ack!

Shannon said...

I love that picture Jamie! The squirrel seems so intent on what they are doing and looks totally natural sitting there.

Sounds like the eclair shop was quite the experience Suzie! I'm glad some of them are winners. And wow, you are getting all kinds of weather there!

And yep! Two titles! From the jar I got Grimm's Fairy Tales and Wild. Bizarre combo!