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Saturday, May 6, 2017

May 6, 2017


It was so great to get together with some of the beta team to chat about the yearbook and how they're finding it. They gave me lots of good feedback and I feel really excited about braving the next steps!


I FINALLY get a day at the studio and they close half an hour after I got there! I spent the rest of the day being productive doing two blog posts because suddenly I am quite busy next week. Although what to do tomorrow...???


Suzie Ridler said...

So cool to be doing a video conference call with your beta group Jamie! I hope you learned a lot from it and that it was fun.

Shannon said...

The beta feedback session was so much fun Jamie! What a lovely group of ladies, it was so much fun to see everyone.

I'm glad you got some studio time in Suzie, even if they did close up early. How strange. Or... was it a Friday with good weather? I have worked places where I have known for that to happen.

Suzie Ridler said...

Staff were sick and there weren't enough people to staff it so they shut it down. Good question! Can't remember if it was a sunny day or not, LOL.