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Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016


It's safe to say for the next 2 weeks it's going to be all Olympics, all the time at my place. And I don't think I have energy to do anything else, so it kind of works out. It's taken me a bit to figure out what I want to watch and how I want to watch it, but I found myself being drawn again to the Judo competitions. One great thing about it that each day follows a different weight class, and goes from qualifying to medals all in one day. So, the competitors play several games in one day, so you can follow their stories throughout the day. Very exciting.


So life goes from zero to crazy in a day. I went to the food fest which was so hard and ended up being disappointing as well as disillusioning in some ways and then the kung fu BBQ which I mostly just rested at because the food fest took everything I had.


Shannon said...

From you post it sounds like the Food Festival had a lot of challenges. So sucky they didn't have enough seating. I always worry about that with any events, especially outdoors. Sounds like there was so good food, so that's good. I'm glad you could get some rest at the Kung Fu BBQ. And how cool is it to go to a Kung Fu BBQ? I almost wrote Kung Fun BBQ - that would be a Freudean slip for sure!

Suzie Ridler said...

So cool you're enjoying judo Shannon!

I think the festival would have had enough seating had they not made people come at the same time for general admission. We were all eating at the same time which made finding a place to sit impossible and I was alone and I still couldn't find a spot.

Shannon said...

General Admission stuff is so tough. I never used to think about it at all, but now I would almost never consider going to something that's general admission. I'm glad you got some good eats in even with the seating challenges.