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Friday, August 26, 2016

August 26, 2016


I'm sure this is a familiar stretch of land to you two! Going to the old hood is always a bit weird, there is a huge store going where Whell & Cullen was and it comes almost to the street! I think they are doing underground parking cuz there was tons of construction. Even if things changes around there, I always do some things the same way including rubbing a bit of this plant in my hand to get that Christmas smell, no matter what time of year. I don't know if the plant is stretching out to say hi, or giving me the finger from breaking off a piece! Oh, if plants could talk....


One of our D&D pals has been away a lot this summer so we haven't played much but he's back! My friend had this D&D Mimic dice holder which I totally fell in love with. A Mimic looks like a treasure chest but will bite you if you try and open it. The purple tongue rocks! Didn't do much else but wait for a package that wasn't delivered on another crazy-hot day. It's going to be crazy-hot tomorrow but then we get a break, thank goodness!


Suzie Ridler said...

Not sure exactly where you are in the hood but love that you shared this photo! I can't believe that new store that has taken over the Weall & Cullen parking lot, that sucks. :(

Shannon said...

Ah, maybe I didn't leave enough road in the pic - it's between Weall & Cullen and Ikea. The construction up there makes it look different any time I'm there!

That is such an awesome photo Suzie! How delightfully dangerous that Mimic is! D&D sure can have a sense of humour!