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Friday, August 5, 2016

August 5, 2016


This has been the view of me all week and probably for the week to come. Kim and I are working our buns off on the new website. It's amazing. We've created some beautiful icons, infused even more beauty and are working on creating a very welcoming experience. All of this while there's construction going on and tending to frightened cats. The tiles are almost done and they are going to look great. They are much more our style than what was there before. It's an incredibly demanding time but I think through the other side it's going to feel and be so good!


Totally didn't take many pictures today. I actually can barely remember that I went earlier. The days are officially starting to blur. Can't wait unti I can rest up and crash and watch tons of Olympics.


I had fun putting together this thumbnail graphic for my taste testing video of Oishi's Spicy Prawn Crackers. I am going to keep trying to be more adventurous with cheap treats from the Asian markets here and see what is a success and a failure. This one was definitely a shocking success. I really didn't expect to like them!


Shannon said...

It sounds like it's big time behind-the-scenes time at Jamie Ridler Studios, Jamie! And at home too with the construction. Poor kitties, what a challenging time for them. Everything is going to be so much better so soon, you will have some unveiling to do in the near future, and that's always something to get excited about!

How cool to have a shocking success, Suzie! I think it's awesome you are taking local inspiration and sharing it. I think that's very adventurous :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Sounds like the anarchy and busy-ness continues Jamie! I'm glad you like the tiles and the work is going well.

Shannon, I have totally had days like that and thanks. :)