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Thursday, August 18, 2016

August 18, 2016


In the midst of working, I heard the whoosh of a big branch falling from the tree in the back. It landed on our eavestroughs and our fence, doing some damage. We had our neighbours over to have a little chat about the tree and what we could do to keep our homes and ourselves safe and sound.


I've been struggling with the choice between doing my morning pages or taking a break for my hand, but wow.. . not going them really brings out the grump monster. Today I tried using a marker because it flows easily ...and also the bigger writing mean I was done faster. Not a bad somewhere-in-the-middle choice, but very much feels like an in-between choice.


Had to go to the doc and drop of a prescription. While I waited for it I hung out at McD's because our Starbucks is always full. Went through Ricardo magazine which was all about Italian food! Hot day and too busy to go for a long walk so I wrote two posts which was tough on my back but at least I am ahead of schedule for tomorrow and some pre-dinner yoga helped. It's going to get hotter and hotter this weekend too, like over +30C! Ugh...


Suzie Ridler said...

That's why I exclusively use markers Shannon, it really helps! I hope it helps you.

Shannon said...

I see you already know the wisdom of the marker, Suzie! It's so wild to change things up, I really hope it is helping.

Wow, sounds like it's going to be crazy hot there in Vancouver. That's almost Toronto weather. If the summers continue like that, you guys should totally get AC. I hope the magazine was inspiring and provided some reprieve time on such a busy day!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh your poor fence Jamie!!! I'm glad you had a chance to talk to the neighbours.

Yup, it was 36C here yesterday. Unbelievable and it's going to continue through the weekend, ugh. We have an AC for the bedroom but it's noisy so Reg can't sleep with it on. We run it before we go to bed but it only take the room down a degree or so and shoots up from the rest of the hot house as soon as it's turned off. Ugh.

Shannon said...

Oh my Jamie, look at your poor fence! So sad. I hope you are able to get it sorted with your neighbours. So stressful when house stuff happens... and not like you don't have enough going on!