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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August 3, 2016


Right now I feel like every bit of time is committed. Some of it is social - like hanging out with Auntie Laima and Shannon and learning how to spin, celebrating Shannon's birthday once more. Some of it work. It's very intense doing a whole website revamp and getting ready for the fall season. It's all wonderful but all I can do is try to really support myself so that I can rise to the occasions and enjoy them.


Not a terribly exciting picture, but it was back to some normalness after the holiday and lots of birthday celebrations. I actually got out and about, although I got to experience the ick of the non-air conditioned subway which was crazy intense heat... and that is coming from me! Draining way to start being out, but I made sure to get an AC car on the way back.


I cleaned off the small island by our back north-facing window in the kitchen and setup my photography lighting there. It doesn't get a lot of natural light but there is some and now my lights are in my kitchen where there is room and that feels better than on top of the dining room table which gets zero light. This is a camera phone photo so it doesn't aptly represent the potential of this space although it isn't a bad photo, for my camera.


Shannon said...

It's been a busy time Jamie! I am glad that you have been able to support and rise to the occasions! I hope that there is some calmer times in the future and that all of the social stuff and work stuff has gone really well.

Wow, that shot looks amazing Suzie! Way to go for finding and clearing a good natural light space for pictures. I hope you enjoyed the Iced Capp too!

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, you both sound so crazy-busy! Shannon, glad you got an AC car on the way back, the heat there is crazy.

Thank you! And the Iced Capp was OK. Because it wasn't a frozen drink it felt like I was drinking a melted one, LOL.