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Saturday, August 13, 2016

August 13, 2016


A little behind the scenes moment of vlogging. I've just started vlogging my reviews / reactions to the books I'm reading for the SciFi Fantasy and Weird Fiction adventure, and it was get to get a few done. I had trouble deciding on what format / questions / musings to go with and after lots of indecision I just picked a bunch and jumped in. If I need to change it later, that's gonna have to be fine with me because I couldn't wait any longer! I did decide to go with general thoughts, and then more in depth/spoiler thoughts because actual specifics were something I wanted to talk about. I think the spoiler-free habit in me runs so deep that I tried to avoid that for so long. We'll see how this goes!


Friday was all about getting stuff done, including picking up a package from Purolator and harvesting our supper pretty multi-coloured carrots that Reg grew from seed. Had some in our salads last night! Food is seriously gorgeous.


Suzie Ridler said...

It will be interesting to see you talk about the books no-holds-barred Shannon!

Late add from me...

Shannon said...

Wow , those carrots look absolutely extraodinary Suzie! How wonderful to have ones grown in the garden, that's so cool!

I hope the reviews are received well! First one will go up tomorrow, or if I'm impatient... tonight!