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Friday, August 12, 2016

August 12, 2016


Yesterday the pace was crazy! There were a flurry of workers here and stuff getting done. The most exciting bit was us getting a brand new front door! We both think it is just beautiful. It doesn't let in any light but it also lets in way less noise. We were amazed when we were sitting in the living room yesterday. An added bonus! Our hope is that today the last of the work will be done and we'll be able to start getting to the work of putting the house in order!


It's ALL JUDO ALL THE TIME at my place. It only runs the first week, so I gotta get all the judo love in while I can. It was quite the day, and it ended with the beautiful moment after the Gold Metal match between Elmar Gasimov from Azerbajain and Lukas Krpalek from Czech Republic (who won silver and gold, respectively). The combatants always touch hands at the end of the bout, but at the end of this one they actually took a moment to connect out to the crowd (both sides), and it was the most most joyous and respectful post-match moment I've seen. It was a great match, and a wonderful celebration of sport.


After a rough day yesterday I came back from a walk, did yoga and then couldn't do anything else. Just too burned out and tired. I managed to make dinner and have been watching a lot of Law & Order SVU thanks to Netflix. Not an easy show to binge watch but I do love Olivia, she is one of my favourite heroes.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

It's so wonderful you're getting to see all that Judo, Shannon. We watched the gold medal match with the women and I thought you would totally play this sport! We've mostly caught the swimming because it's been later at night. Last night was pretty exciting for Canada!

Suzie, I'm so sorry things continue to be rough. Yay you for getting out for a walk and yoga. It's amazing how Netflix can be such a relief in the midst of all the stress - even a show like that!

Shannon said...

Look at that beautiful front door!! And how wonderful that it keeps things quieter for you, that is a huge added blessing. What a way to end a flurry of a day, Jamie1 And I'm so glad that you got to see a Judo match, that one was a good one!

That's an awesomely cute graphic Suzie! Spaghetti night is so the way to go on challenging days. I'm glad you've been enjoying some Law & Order, I can still hear the intro of the show in my head, and feel the rhythm of the show. I couldn't get into that one, but I'm glad it has someone in it you connect with. It's great to have shows to help us on the days were anything else is too much.

Suzie Ridler said...

Your door is absolutely stunning Jamie! And how fantastic is it that it keeps out more noise from the street, that's fantastic.

Yay for Judo!

Thanks and yes, thank goodness for Netflix. I'm just about to watch my last SVU :(