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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22, 2012


Yesterday it was so awesome to treat Victoria Day like a holiday. (I often forget to take holidays off) It was such a treat to sit in the backyard, which feels so different now that we have our new fence, with a cup of tea and a book to read. I could get into the habit of this!


I know organizing is a traditional way to spend a holiday but hey, it's often what I do. I was actually really happy to go through my tickler because I used to use it religiously but let it go for over a month. I'm not sure if I'll go completely back to this system as I'm shifting some of my thinking, but clearing through felt good especially as it assured me there were no pressing things I've missed (YAY).


I spent the weekend exploring movies on Netflix and At Home by Myself... with You was beyond delightful. These types of movies are a challenge to discover on Netflix but they're there. A total gem!


Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Oh I can't wait to see your fence in person Jamie! hahah that makes me sound like I want to talk to it, which maybe I do, lol!

And Suzie I've been meaning to watch that movie for ages! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, sounds like it might have been the perfect fit for the perfect moment. I love when that happens :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, that fence is gorgeous! It must give you so much more privacy now? That is awesome!

Shannon, what the heck is a tickler? Sounds like a cool system.

Shannon, it is so cute and adorable (perhaps a little over the top but I like that). Let me know if you recognize the lead guy, I feel like I've seen him in something else. This is such a cute movie, I might have to watch it again. I hope you like it too!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

He's been in a fair amount, not sure what would be the one(s) you've seen. Slings and Arrows maybe? I haven't even seen all of that yet!

A tickler is an organizational system where you have a file folder for 31 days a month, and then another 12 for each month of the year. You put reminders for things to do in the date of the folder it needs to be done, or if it's farther in the future than in the month that it will happen. It's great for repeated tasks that you do daily or weekly, as well as anything that's less repeated. It's from the book Getting things Done by David Allen :)

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I'm totally put that movie on my instant queue! Is that the girl from Foolproof? Is it a Canadian film? I stopped watching the trailer because I was so quickly, "Yeah, I'll watch that." Thanks for sharing, Suzie!

And yes, the fence makes such a different, a lot more than I expected, actually! And Justin's idea of removing the front of our deck and opening it to the back is very awesome. It was so nice to spend some time there. I think we might do that more often. Maybe we'll do it when you're here, Suzie!

And omg, another cutie-patootie picture of Gobo! It's so nice he helps you organize, Shannon ;)

Suzie Ridler said...

Thanks for looking him up. I think he kind of reminds of John Turturo (sp?), maybe that's what I am picking up.

Wow, that is quite the organization system Shannon! Very cool!

I think the film in Canadian Jamie but I haven't seen Foolproof so I don't know. You're welcome!

Oh wow, you removed the deck too Jamie? I bet it feels so much bigger out there and with the tall fence, private. The best of both worlds! I would love to hang out there when I visit. Wow, less than three weeks now!

Yes, Gobo, as usual, it super adorable!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

With the deck, we just removed the railing on the side that leads into the yard and we put some steps down. That way, we still have the deck for rainy days (I love being able to go out there on rainy days or snowy days even!) but can easily step down into the backyard. It's awesome.

You might enjoy Foolproof. It also has Ryan Reynolds in it. I love that they openly say it's in Toronto. Maybe we'll watch it when you're here :)