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Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 19, 2012


Shannon and I had an awesome time hanging out yesterday. We decided to watch something from Netflix and considered everything from You Got Served to a Sherlock Holmes series but somehow when we landed on Megamind as an option, we knew it was the one to go with. This movie was so much fun. There were so many good moments I'm still giggling!


I've been working on some reformatting, repackaging and scheduling the content over at Movie Moxie and wow, I was just running into a few stumbling blocks but thankfully Jamie looked at it with me today and help identify the monkey wrench and find it a new home/name/definition (Thank you Jamie!). It was awesome. It's wild to see how it all come apart and together with index cards!

Yesterday I wore my alien hat to the library and picked up some books and DVDs for the weekend. With Reg studying all weekend long, I thought these would keep me busy. So far The Beaded Edge looks the most promising, it's like crocheting with beads, so cool!

I also have to include this surprising autograph by Loreena McKinnett! Yes, I screamed when I saw it! Reg told me the day before she was going to be at his place of work but he had to go to a meeting and would miss her being there. I realized just how much that woman has inspired me over the years and was really shaken. Then a friend of Reg's asked her for an autograph for me (what a sweetheart) and I freaked when I saw it! An absolutely amazing moment for me so I had to share it too.


Suzie Ridler said...

MegaMind is awesome! I totally loved that movie! BTW, Sherlock Holmes series is awesome, we loved that too.

Shannon, what a cool way to visualize what's going on, how to change it and edit your Movie Moxie world! Absolutely fascinating. :)

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I love seeing what we're all up to - and love that we all loved Megamind, LOL!

Shannon, I'm so glad I could help with cracking the nut of the scheduling. I hope this works out beautifully for you!

And Suzie, your pile of goodies looks totally inspiring! I am sure you rocked the alien hat! It looks AWEsome!

And how FAB about the autograph. That's incredible. It's really true - you never know what's going to happen!

Suzie Ridler said...

We really know how to have fun, I love that about our family.

So what was the nut exactly that had to be cracked? I wish I knew my blind spot when it comes to time.

Thanks Jamie, so glad you like the alien hat! One day I'll make the whole hat from scratch. I'm thinking of adding some crochet UFOs but I can't find a pattern.

You know it made me realize just how important Loreena is to me. From the moment I heard her story about making her own studio, busking downtown Toronto... and her music of course... She is a real hero of mine.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Omg, for some reason that made me think of a whole hat that's a UFO - like a beret but all decked out like an alien ship - LOL!!

We really do know how to have fun, hehe. And I'm so glad you'll be here soon so we can have fun together - YAY!

Loreena's story is so inspiring. It's amazing how pursuing our dreams can inspire all sorts of people. I'm so glad you had this magical connection with her right now!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

MegaMind was sooooo much fun! Like tears-in-the-eyes fun. Loved, loved, loved it. Still plan on checking out Sherlock but each time I've tried it's never worked out.

The nut to crack on the schedule was realizing that ...oh wow, it's hard to explain, um, I was grouping 2 things together that actually aren't the same thing - so they kept not matching up. We'll see this test week if detaching them from each other works.

And wow Suzie what an amazing crop of books to enjoy and an autograph from Loreena! That's amazing!!! Wow, what a lovely and special treat! Wow, that is so powerful!! Amazing.