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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15, 2012


One of the things I was surprised to see again and again at monuments and museums in Paris was what I would call "the goofy shot." So many people took pictures that looked like they were leaning on, grabbing, dancing with, knocking down a site or sculpture. It was hilarious - and something that never would occur to me. Here's my ode to the "goofy shot."

 Under Our Willow Tree


When Robbie hurt himself with Mom's sewing machine, I became totally terrified of this machine. I remember in home-ec just wanting to run out of the class because it scared me so. I have used a sewing machine with less fear since but it is rare. I am determined to not only get over my fear of this machine but really learn how to use it. I am so tired of clothing not fitting me properly. I want to learn the basics of sewing and learn how to make a shirt that is long enough and not too tight for my body. Make pants that fit well so I don't look like a wanna-be rapper. This terrifies me to write, so I obviously have got to do it and you are the first to hear about it!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, Suzie, way to go! I'm so impressed that you're taking on this challenge and this fear.

I have such positive memories of Mom making clothing for herself and for us (in fact, I was just thinking about her batik orange floor-length dress today!) and I always loved poring over the patterns and the fabrics but sewing is just so not for me! I'm wishing you all the very best with this new adventure!

And you know, one of the things I learned from Safina is that little bits of tailoring can make all the difference - changing the length of a sleeve or a hem, tucking in a waist, letting out a hip. Brilliant!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh I love it! There is actually a term for it, I can't remember it now but I love those shots too. Reg can't get enough of them and I love that yours has to do with the famous Eiffel Tower! How did it feel to really see it in person Jamie?!

Thank you. I had no idea just how fearful I was about it until I considered doing it and then fear really popped up and said no way! So of course I had to punch that voice in the nose.

I always thought it was amazing Mom could sew just about anything! I thought it was so empowering. Yes, tweaking is another thing I am interesting in and adding a decorating touch or making something more fitted. I guess I was born to have a weirdly long body for a reason! I just can't take it anymore. I want clothes that fit!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Is Forced Perspective the term? I love that goofy shot Jamie! It's totally like 'here it is!' :) And great reminder to the moment of the goofyness of the (other) tourists :)

Way to go Suzie for tackling the fear of sewing. Although the machine sure can be scary one of the great things is if you you want to re-do a seam it's pretty easy to rip it out and try again. Definitely one of the more forgiving construction methods I've worked with! I never feel in love with it as much as I expected, not like with drafting... woow.. now that was where I felt way more at home :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Not sure Shannon, Reg still isn't home to ask! Oh man, he's running late, darn it!

I just hear a drum roll and then a cymbal with Jamie introducing the Eiffel Tower, LOL.

That's true, with the sewing machine you can get an easy do-over. I'm not expecting to love using the machine either but I hate being scared of it. Oh isn't that funny, remember how Jason hated drafting and you liked it? I thought about that the other day. Funny...

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Really? There's a name for those kind of shots? Wow! I was so surprised by just how many people I saw taking them.

Good luck with the sewing! I continue to be impressed.

And I'm sorry to hear that experience Robbie had was so scary and impactful. Of course, it was truly horrible and very shocking and you were such a little girl too. You've mastered all sorts of heat, sharpness and other scary things in the kitchen. I know you can master this too.

Suzie Ridler said...

I had to email Reg to find out the name. I kept forgetting to ask him. They're like folley photos or something? I have one of Reg looking scared in front of a Sasquatch statue.

It really was scary Jamie. I don't know how old I was but it was so scary and Mom was so upset. Thank you for honouring that for me. You know I am still scared of getting off an escalator too? I am determined to get past fears. They make me too small!