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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012


Versailles amazed us, particularly the gardens. They were so extensive. Everything you saw, invited you to investigate further, to experience the next gorgeous part of this huge landscape. All of these years later, you can feel the impact of the designer. It's amazing to think that our experience on that day was shaped by someone's vision so many years ago. And I do have to mention too that one of the things that started cracking me up about the photos is that because the weather was always the same (cold) I pretty much am wearing the same thing in every shot! I started saying I'm like Amelie's garden gnome! (And I bought a new scarf, just to change it up a bit, LOL)


This week got off to a shaky start but some of the goodness that's been present so far was no only The Secret World of Arrietty arriving in my mailbox for review, but also getting to interview Bridget Mendler who voices the title role of Arrietty. She was totally sweet and the interview went very well! I always get nervous for interviews, but i think this time I was pretty calm, and now I can't wait to share it with everyone


I did it! It wasn't easy but I figured out how to thread a bobbin and put it in the sewing machine. Now I am all ready to start sewing and yes, that freaks me out!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Woohooo! So much to celebrate.

Yay for the interview, Shannon. That is so cool. And yay for the Book to Film club that brought that story onto the radar! I really enjoyed the film - and am sure will enjoy the interview. WTG!

And Suzie, great progress on the sewing - and what an awesome shot! I love that picture. I'm cheering for you as you start this sewing adventure!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh I love that comment and Amelie's gnome! That is great photography weather though, look at those colours and the expanse of the garden. Blows my mind the effort that must have gone into that and the generations of people taking care of it. Amazing Jamie!

Shannon, I am the same way with interviews, so proud of you! Getting to be such a pro. I don't know this story at all. I gather it's coming out soon?

Thanks Jamie! You know what's funny? I had to strip ever ten minutes while trying to find my manual, find a tutorial, take photos, realize I was missing a part of my machine... Who knew that learning to sew would actually make me warm?! Amazing what stress and fear can do to the body, I found it quite hysterical.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

That's so awesome Jamie to be the gnome! Now that's the sign of a confident traveller - being pictured in so many places around the world ~ way to go for changing it up with a scarf. And oh my goodness gracious how gorgeous is Versailles? Absolutely stunning and so freaking HUGE!

Way to go Suzie on your bobbin threading - you are totally on you way! I'm so excited to see you sew :)

The Secret of Arrietty will be out next week on DVD, and was based on the book The Borrowers which was this years 1st book for the Book to Film Club. I bet you would enjoy it Suzie; it follows an adventurous girl who is a 'borrower" (little person) and her little family in a house of human :)

Suzie Ridler said...

So true! Pretty soon Jamie will have been EVERYWHERE!

Thanks Shannon and you're right, that does sound like a movie I would like. I wonder if it's on Netflix? I'll check!